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             As a person who has been in the Fire Service for more than 25 years , i have seen some things that we used to do and Now we do not do many of those things . The days of "WE" are growing very short ,it is now all about "ME", i'm reminded of a Former Chief of mine always correcting me , saying there is no "I" in "WE" and boy was he ever so right , but the funny thing was he never practiced what he preached me.

            I was the guy that sat back and said "I'l never wear a White Hat", not enough money in the world to be him. Boy was iever so wrong , in 2005 i became the guy wearing the White hat of an Asst. Chief.and stayed ther till the Fall of 2005 when i was appointed Acting Chief due to our Chief up and quitting., hello and Welcome to the Big League. In my 8 yrs of being the Chief Officer , I have buried more than my share of Brothersand not due to LODD's but from age and Sickness.

          Most recently a good friend who till now we have never met , we have only conversed by phone and social media , convinced me to join the FOOLS. it was the best move i ver made , i began to realize that this group's core values was what we stand for in the Fire Service. i began to have a sense of worth and Honor for my my Brother and Sister Firefighters and to Honor our departed Brothers and Sisters .Most of all it gave me renewed senso hope that maybe we can make a diiference in someone's life and that We need to take care of our Own.

          By far this is one of my first attempts to write something that really makes sense ,to those of us that serve our Residents , with that being said, i pose a Challenge to All, We are for a very short time and in that time we can make a difference to ourselves and our Brothers and Sisters so stand up and be counted among those of us to take care of Our Own.



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Comment by Mike France on June 25, 2012 at 12:18pm

Thanks Chief


Comment by A Clouser on June 22, 2012 at 2:38pm


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