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Here is one of our instructors from Engine House Training, LLC showing some very simple techniques for webbing storage.   He is going to be running a series for different uses of webbing, so stay tuned!



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Comment by Jeff Schwering on June 15, 2012 at 10:56pm

Frank, well done! I carry my webbing like Brick, rolled in my gear. I have seen some interesting things with EMS gloves, just me. I do use an EMS glove for my folding spanner, works great for me.My webbing is stored like you showed just minus the glove. Again as Michael said it forces me to regularly completely check my gear at the beginning of each tour, a basic thing that has seemingly gone by the wayside. Keep up the great work!

Comment by Michael Bricault (ret) on June 15, 2012 at 12:33pm

-I liked the ruling idea; been using it for several years now. I liked the rolling idea up to the storage in the ems glove. I've seen people do this and it has led to some strange problems of deployment under high stress conditions. Some have had difficulty, under high stress (which tends to debilitating fine motor skill especially when coupled with bulky structure gloves) breaking open the glove, others have had pieces of the glove remain and cause some problems. Just a thought, but I like the idea of storage without the glove packaging. 

-I'm a firm believer that anything carried in the bunker gear must be accessible and useable while wearing structure gloves. This cannot be stressed enough. 

-Personally, I carry 20 ft of two inch tubular webbing tied together using a water knot; rolled up just as you demonstrated in the video, but I just place it in a pocket of my bunkers. It seems to stay together quite well. It does require occasional washing and re-rolling but this is an advantage... it necessitates checking my gear regularly, something that might be ignored if it were stored in a glove.

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