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Mind - Body - Skill: The Back-Up Firefighter

To follow up to my last post The Ominus Triad - Complacency, Fatigue, Mistakes I felt it necessary to provide an example. The Combat Position - Achieving Firefighter Readiness and The Fire Service Warrior present the true path for training professionals by addressing Mind, Body and Skill together at every opportunity. When we study we prepare the mind for battle. With a properly designed fitness program or work out we prepare the body for battle with conditioning and muscle memory. This reduces the potential for fatigue and injury. By drilling we bring mind and body together and perform a series of repetitions until skill mastery is achieved.

I put this together in an attempt to create a single training event that provides equal attention to Mind, Body and Skill. It would be a true favor to me if you took the hour and a half to try this training format and provide some feedback to see if this is a means to preparing "Combat Ready" Firefighters.


Study - Prepare - Perform : The Back Up Firefighter


To provide training which, addresses mind, body and skills for the back-up firefighter on the initial attack line.


  • Study:  Roles, responsibilities and techniques of the back-up position by reading attached article.
  • Prepare: Single session work out to prepare the muscles and joints associated with the functions of the back-up firefighter.
  • Perform: 1.Watch the Back Up Position Video 2. Deploy attack line, charge it and advance to an objective in full PPE. Perform several evolutions so crew members can rotate through the back-up position


The Backup Firefighter's Role in the Initial Fire Attack - Billy Wh...



If rower is not available substitute with 10 minute jog or 100 body weight squats

Loading Hose - Using a 20' rope with kettle bell, weight plate or dumb bell attached

Complete workout with core exercises- sit ups, oblique work or back extensions



1.Watch the Back Up Position Video

2. Deploy attack line, charge it and advance to an objective in full PPE. Conduct evolution several times so all members demonstrate back-up firefighter duties and techniques. 

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Comment by Jeff Schwering on May 18, 2011 at 3:22pm

Nice Job Brian! If you need any workout ideas, I got a bunch bro! Strong Work Bro!



Comment by Jason Hoevelmann on May 18, 2011 at 12:43pm

Nice post Brian. Good information and great workout ideas.


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