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Ok! On March 22nd. I asked "HOW DO YOU KNOW WHEN THE FLOOR YOU ARE CRAWLING ON IS BECOMING WEAKENED BY FIRE?" I had one fire officer post a comment. One!
Billy Goldfeder recently put out another e-mail on his "Secret List" about another firefighter falling into a basement in a floor collapse. PLEASE don't tell me that as an officer, don't have a method of determining the fire conditions below you. Please. Pass on to other firefighters how you know if the floor assembly you are crawling on is becoming weakened by fire.

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Comment by Skip Coleman on May 6, 2010 at 7:27am
I tend to agree with you Kenny. I am not an advocate of sounding anything. If you are going to sound, I agree with Brad in that you must keep sounding as you go.
Comment by Kennyt on May 5, 2010 at 10:39pm
All this chatter about sounding the floor drives me crazy. I don't think it's a reliable test. Either the floor is there, or it isn't. Firefighters don't drop through floors slowly. It's a sudden, unexpected fall. When sounding the floor, aren't we really sounding the "Flooring", and not the "Floor"? I think there's a difference. After training on Basement fires at FDIC, assessing the Basement for a fire before rushing in gets my vote!
Comment by Brad Hoff on April 30, 2010 at 10:47am
Holes in the floor are a bad sign! If it feels spongy or you see or feel heaving, tiles are moving when you move the hose are all good signs that the fire is working away below you. No one says you can't cut an inspection h*** in a corner, by a window or heat vent, especially if you are in house with balloon frame construction! Like brother Jeff said below use a tool! You do it on a roof or when you go in a window so keep sounding even after you enter the room or your gut tells you conditions may be worse than you think! Make it a habit to sound!

I was "THAT GUY" early in my career in the late 80's! We were dispatched to a structure fire in PA and were second due about 5 miles down the road. We got there fast because when your chief lives two houses down the street it's a bonus! I think the fire started in the basement and spread to the upper floors. Well long story short, we were in overhaul and I was looking for hot spots in the kitchen and the next thing I know I was on my back looking up going "Oh Sh#*, now what"! Lucky for me I was hung up by my pak. A brother came and pulled me out and from that very day I learned why you "LOOK DOWN and SOUND"! It wouldn't hurt to look above you for a saging ceiling as well.

I am thankful that God was watching out and that we help each other as I could have ended my career that day with a broke back or worse and I was only 18 or 19.

That's my story

Stay safe!
Comment by Jeff Schwering on April 29, 2010 at 8:04pm
Said it before, I'll say it again, Sound the floor Brothers and Sisters, that's what a tool is for!

Stay Safe!

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