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In my last post, I was talking about the “NEVER” word. You see, we say things around the kitchen table and the young crew members listen and pick up on this stuff. Their minds are quite impressionable at that early age and their concern is to do a good job. So they listen and take in what they hear. So, if you’re at the kitchen table and discussing a fire and one of the old salts says something like “Did you see what Engine 16 did on Elm Street? They used a fog stream inside a building.” Then the old salt looks at the kid and say’s “son, never use a fog stream when firefighters are inside a building – You’ll steam everyone inside”.
Never! What about using a hose stream to hold fire coming down a hall at you and un-searched rooms. Try holding advancing fire with a smooth-bore nozzle. What about to quickly vent a room out a window after darkening the fire to “look” for a kid as opposed to blindly feeling for one? Never say never!
Another “never” I have heard is “Never vent a roof without taking a hoseline with you!” What are your going to do with a hoseline while or after venting a roof? I hope not put water down the vent h***. Don’t tell me it’s for an emergency escape route off the roof! I’ve vented hundreds of roofs in my carrier and never used a hoseline. Go up – cut the h*** and be done with it! Let nature and physics take care of the rest.
Just think about it!

Next – How hot is it?

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Comment by David Johns on December 19, 2009 at 10:00am
Great bit of knowledge there, more "conversations" about the realities should be more common, great post. And the last part about ventilation, so true.
Comment by Skip Coleman on December 17, 2009 at 7:25am
I sure do remember.
Comment by john hall on December 16, 2009 at 7:06pm
Excellent point. When I teach the 240 class I always say be leary when anybody says "Never" or "Always" in the fire service. Remember when PPV became big we were suppose to ALWAYS use it to ventilate the structure.

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