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I can't be leave what FEMA is doing, dropping the FEMA Grant to basically nothing and then putting all that money in the SAFER Grant! There are departments that still don't have enough gear for all the members and equipment to fight fires, did they not look at the number of grant applications that they get every year? I have no idea who that women talk to but she must not have talked to rural America, this is a sad day in the fire service, they are giving money to depts to add members but the depts won't have any money to buy equipment or gear to out fit them, I sure hope that someone wakes up in Washington and saves the grant money before it is gone forever!

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Comment by Tom Londo on May 22, 2009 at 9:59am
Lobby, lobby, and lobby some more! The government needs to realize that our depts. are the public's first line of defense in this day and age. Millitary protects the country from invasion and millitary campaigns but when it comes to this new world of bombings and chem/bio warfare, the fire service is front and center. All of our depts. need to be trained more and up to date on gear and equipment to handle the unexpected. We can no longer afford to get by with just enough. This "Pay no attention to the hand behind the curtain" act will most definatly be "spun" into "Look at all the money we are giving the fire service through the SAFER grant!" and we need to expose this for what it is.
Comment by Tim Zehnder on May 18, 2009 at 10:33am
Bobby, I agree 100% they are just moving money around to make it look good. The fire service needs to get to the politicians and tell them our feelings or it will be all over as we know it. Thanks for the comment. TZ

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