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The 20th of September, a Saturday You chose to go your own way.
While riding along, the path you decided
Took an interesting turn, and to God you were guided.

You left us that day doing something you love
Now you watch and guide us from far up above.
We cherish your memories to help carry on,
Still though it hurts us to know that you’re gone.

It was out of our hands that He took you away
In hopes it were false though, still did we pray.
The shop, house and world felt quite a great loss
While missing a friend, family member and boss.

You said that your hunt was sure to be prime
But as it turned out this was your time.
I’m sure we all look way up in the sky
And think about you...what a hell of a guy.

By your family and friends, you are missed very much
And it won’t be the same at the shop, home and such.
But considering this, we’ll all stick together
While remembering you forever and ever.
--yes, Jodie wrote this--

Mark--I think about you every day, and I'll never stop missing you. I think everyone that's close to me knows I never have and probably never will get to the 'acceptance phase' when I lose people. I'M STILL MAD (about those of you in my life that have died...sad about ones I've lost in other ways, but that's a different story)...I'm mad about you, about Sean, Al, my mom's parents...ABOUT EVERYONE!! I'll accept that your not coming back, that's a given...but accepting that it's better that you left?! That's BULL S*** and it'll never happen!
The more I progress with fire, the more I wish you were there. Even tho you didn't think girls were suited...I KNOW you were behind me...I could see it, and feel it, I guess...hard to explain. I just wish I would have told you how much you mean to me before you had to go and leave us all. No regrets tho, right? If I know you...u probably turn your head and look down at me every time you 'hear' me flipping my coin cuz you know I'm thinking about you. I hope you do...I know you hear it and I hope it's annoying...

R.F.B. R.I.P. my friend...Capt Mark Ducote

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Comment by Ben Fleagle on April 1, 2009 at 5:45pm
RFB, sister. RFB

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