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Colloquial Conversations

Colloquial- used in ordinary or familiar conversation; not formal or literary.Oxford Dictionary, because I like their information, and their commas.


Fire service communication is a very fickle creature. We sometimes appear to share a deep love, or disdain for each other, depending on the moment. I often wonder if we really do want to understand each other, and dialogue? Or do we need the chaotic conversations to hide the underlying anxieties that…


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Beyond the door, The Risk Analysis.

Risk a lot to save a lot, Risk nothing to save nothing.  It is spoken and printed on many hallways in the fire service and classrooms across the nation.  Has this become just another motto put in place to alleviate the liabilities or is it actually occurring on the scene? As history marches along the pendulum swings back and forth creating change and leaving behind chaos.  Too many emotions are being attached to decisions that are made in split seconds while…


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House Fire SOP


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SOP's are thoughts preserved.

SOP's are thoughts preserved.


I am passionate about many things surrounding the fire service. I see value in education and experience. One without the other can fall short. I have spent time in person, on the phone, messaging etc. with some of the most brilliant (some educated, some simply experienced tailboarders, drivers and officers who gained knowledge thru busy tours). I generally hate reading but see value in it. As I read fire service literature both old…


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Response to ISFSI Firefighter Safety Call to Action, Scott Corrigan

This is the letter that I submitted to several people regarding some recent topics and recommendations.  This is not an issue about cowboys and cowards.  It needs to be about educated, honest fire service leaders who understand that we do not have a duty to die, but we absolutely have a duty to act.  This is not a flash in the pan reaction, but a written response that was formulated over several months of painstaking self analysis to ensure that I was not reacting to something that simply…


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From the Senior Firefighter

Here is something that a Senior Firefighter sent to a group of up and coming new hires.  Enjoy.

Being the new guy has its place and if you are truly green and have never touched a piece of hose before, it's time to keep your head down, eyes up and ears perked for any and every bit of information that comes your way.  Be a sponge.  There will be plenty of information and it could be quite a rollercoaster ride for a while.  That being said you also need to take note of what…


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Acting Officer Guideline


Acting Officer Information

In general try to simply maintain the current culture of the station.  Do not try to change things for the sake of making an impression; it usually does not go well.  The crew is highly trained and well disciplined.  The goal of the acting officer is to fit into that unit.  Rely on the crews to help answer any questions if you are not sure about the day to day operations.  They will not take advantage of you.


Know that the…


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Beyond the Door, "What vs. Why"

Beyond the Door 

 "What Vs. Why"


The Fire Service continues to be the last line of defense for those we serve.  As hazards evolve we continue to be the "All Hazards" mitigation agency.  Those who have gone before us have created an expectation in the public that we are the" go to" agency.  This is what draws a great deal of the people we hire.  We must always know our history and our craft.


There has been a shift.  We have…


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Bleeding the line

Bleeding the Line

Many habits are formed in the academy and on the drill ground.  Some of these habits are good and some not so good.  We try to create a realistic scenario and environment as much as possible during drill.  Due to many constraints we are faced with the need to adjust what we would or should really do because “this is only a drill.”

Firefighters are taught very early on to open the bale, bleed the air and check the…


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