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Get Busy Living

“While we are postponing, life speeds by” - Seneca, Roman Stoic Philosopher

We each have 168 hours in a week with which to accomplish things. We have to budget time for work, sleep, food, relationships, and leisure. There are plenty of time management books, podcasts, and apps that claim to have the ability to help us get more things done.  But the issue isn’t always a time management problem. It’s a person problem. After all, if everyone starts with the same amount…


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Educators versus Presenters

We aren’t trained as educators in the fire service, we are trained as presenters.

Educators make sure they are hitting on different learning styles, reach different cognition levels, and have a mastery of their subject. They have the ability to read the room to see if students are truly understanding and then clarify as needed. Educators spend hours preparing for a class in order to deliver the most relevant content.

Presenters, however, often just read from a premade slide…


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Resilient Leaders

Everywhere you turn it seems the topic of leadership is present. Books, blogs, and podcasts constantly talk about what leadership is, how to achieve it, or how it is displayed. One of the most commonly discussed areas is on the characteristics that leaders have.

An example of this is influence. It is no secret that leaders have tremendous amounts of influence on those around them, both positive and negative. How they exert that influence is key. So it is a good thing that this…


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Experience, Training, and Preparation

Ever show up to a scene, take one look, and immediately feel like your head was spinning? Maybe it was the sight of the person covered in blood or the size of the fire that made things seem to be going fast. Perhaps you were met as you stepped off the rig by people grabbing at you trying to get you to move quicker. It might be the sounds of the blaring car horn through the dust from the airbags or the roar of the fire as the windows self-ventilate that barrage your senses and start your mind…


Added by John Lightly on April 9, 2020 at 12:57pm — No Comments

3 (Good) Reasons to Change in 2020

In my last blog post I talked about some of the poor reasons we use to avoid change.  This month I’d like to talk about the other side of that coin.  

What are some of the good reasons for embracing change in…


Added by John Lightly on February 3, 2020 at 8:00am — No Comments

3 (terrible) Reasons to Avoid Change in 2020

It is said that the fire service is “XYZ years of tradition unimpeded by progress.” It’s time we change that mentality. A simple look at where we’ve been and where we are now in terms of tactics, building construction, apparatus, or staffing levels shows the falsity of that phrase.

I think we are simply hiding behind this statement as a defense mechanism. It allows us to avoid the unknown by remaining content with our present way of operating. We are in essence saying “Sure,…


Added by John Lightly on January 6, 2020 at 10:30am — No Comments

Get Smart in 2020

Education and Learning. At first glance, these might seem to be the same thing, but they are actually quite different. Both are extremely important for the firefighter and something that can specifically be prepared for in the coming year.

In the fire service, we continue to pit education and learning against each other and lob…


Added by John Lightly on December 16, 2019 at 7:30am — No Comments

Solid Foundations vs Decorative Elements

Is your training foundational or decorative in nature? Meaning, are you doing the fun, trendy activities or spending time on what is referred to as the basics?

Driving by a commercial building construction site recently started me thinking about this idea of decorative versus foundational training. The workers were at the rough-in stage of the build. They had laid the first course of block to establish the footprint of the building and were now engaged in…


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Firefighter Costumes

In just a few short days, a time-honored tradition will once again take place. Across the country, people will spend their hard-earned money to buy sweet sugary nectar and then hand the treats to complete strangers under threat of tricks. There will be ghosts, ghouls, and goblins galore. There will be princesses, action heroes, and the ever-present “what are you, honey?” costumes that look nothing like what they’re alleged to be.  Just smile and affirm them.  Unless it's an old-…


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Leadership Is Given Not Achieved

Much has been written about leadership. Everywhere you turn there are books, podcasts, blogs and so on about the subject. Please consider one more article about it, though.

Leadership is not something you do, it’s something you are given.

I would contend that no one becomes a leader. They are given leadership. I can read all the books or attend every seminar I want to on the subject and still not be a leader. I can have influence,…


Added by John Lightly on September 16, 2019 at 6:05am — No Comments

Break the cycle

     A cycle is something that gets repeated over time. They are also known as habits, routines, or standard ways of doing things. They are typically thought of as self-perpetuating, meaning they are capable of continuing or renewing themselves indefinitely. Once something is put into motion it will keep creating the conditions needed to continue.

     But sometimes the cycle needs to be broken. This is certainly true when it’s a negative cycle we find ourselves in. If we don’t…


Added by John Lightly on August 21, 2019 at 10:00am — No Comments

Stretching the First Line

     Social media is full of debates, discussions, and general arguments resulting in name-calling on where water should be applied from. One camp is firm in its belief that fast water from whatever location or position is the best. The other camp belittles anyone who does not immediately initiate an aggressive interior attack. This debate has been going on for decades, really, it is now just being rehashed in a different format, that being the internet.

     What often gets…


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Hardship is the price of success

I recently heard this statement in a podcast by Stephen Mansfield. Though I’ve heard variations of it in other places, the way he said it made me stop mowing the lawn and pay closer attention.

It’s a simple statement, yet it’s packed with reality. The point of it is that life can be a struggle, success hinges on how you face up to those struggles.

We teach our kids from their earliest moments this lesson. When a baby is first learning to walk and keeps falling,…


Added by John Lightly on June 15, 2019 at 10:11am — No Comments

Surviving a Toxic Environment

Chief Halton stated in his FDIC 2019 keynote what many of us have said before- ”Firefighting is the best damn job we’ve ever had.” He is 100% correct. This is the best job there is, and I can think of nothing that I’d rather be doing. Although, being a cowboy on a ranch in Colorado or Wyoming with a view of the Rockies wouldn’t be bad either!

But let’s be honest. Sometimes the best job gets you down because of the toxic environment that you find yourself in. People, politics,…


Added by John Lightly on May 13, 2019 at 7:55am — No Comments

Applications from FDIC 2019

     Having been blessed to attend FDIC 2019 last week in Indianapolis, I’d like to humbly offer some takeaways that can be applied to most any situation in life.

1. It’s important to get out of your comfort zone

     I think it’s safe to say that humans are creatures of habit. We are generally content to stick with what is familiar to us, especially the more introverted we are. As firefighters, we like being in control of things and have an intense belief that…


Added by John Lightly on April 16, 2019 at 10:50am — No Comments

Parents Not Mentors

A mentor is defined as a trusted counselor or guide, someone who may be an influential sponsor or supporter. A coach is one who instructs or trains. These are terms that are used everywhere in our culture of leadership and personal development books, podcasts, and lecture series. A mentor is viewed as that old sage who takes us under their wing to give us little snippets of wisdom and tweetable quotes. The personal coaching industry has a large market share in business circles and seems to…


Added by John Lightly on March 30, 2019 at 8:13pm — No Comments

Faith in Your Mission

From the book Building Leaders the West Point Way by General Joseph P. Franklin US Army (retired)

Page 41... “From the last rung of the ladder to the top, everyone has to have faith in their mission.”

But what happens when you don’t have faith in your mission? How do you have faith when you don’t believe in the leader? Check that, not the leader but the person in charge. Big difference there. How do you continue on when the whole organization is on edge,…


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Debating Cancer Prevention Techniques

For some time now, cancer in the fire service has been a hot topic leading to passionate pleas and spirited debates. It seems there has recently been an even bigger uptick in the “air time” that cancer is getting in articles, on social media, and in presentations across the country. Everywhere you look, it seems that a new study is being conducted, results are out from a study completed, or a new way of doing things is making the rounds.

We all agree that cancer is a major concern for…


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Preplanning Tracks in the Snow

     A major portion of the United States was just hit with a pretty decent snowstorm. My area in NE Ohio was no exception, getting anywhere from 10”-16” of the white stuff. As I left my shift in the darkness and headed home, it was no surprise that the main roads were plowed while the side streets were still untouched. The majority of the business parking lots were unplowed as well, likely due to the fact that many would be closed that day for MLK Jr. observance, and thus, didn’t need to be…


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Challenge Crushed!

My first FireEngineering Training Network blog post was on the pushup challenge I undertook for the year.  The guys over at put out the challenge to do 100 pushups, every day, for the entire year.  Thinking that this wouldn't be very hard, I took the challenge.  

I'm proud to say, that not only did I complete the challenge, but I crushed it!  I viewed…


Added by John Lightly on December 31, 2018 at 4:33pm — No Comments

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