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Thomas D. Kuglin Jr.'s Blog – August 2017 Archive (5)

Mastering the Size-Up

Mastering the Size-up

by: Thomas D. Kuglin Jr.

Becoming proficient with sizing up the fireground takes practice.  Not only in terms of the main components of a well-described size-up, but also in the way it’s conveyed over the radio.  The way in which the information is conveyed is just as important as what the content of the message is.  If either of these are not in sync, the initial operations on the fireground…


Added by Thomas D. Kuglin Jr. on August 31, 2017 at 4:37am — No Comments

Bridging the Gap: The Need for Discussion on Industrial Fire Training Instructor Credentials

In my brief but current tenure in the petroleum refining industry I’ve noticed a lot of differences yet a lot of similarities in regards to the dynamics of training.  Unlike the structural firefighting realm, industrial firefighting can, arguably, contain a cache of significant hazards that are not otherwise encountered and contain an inherently more dangerous fireground.  The hazards are a myriad of chemicals, off-gasses, high pressures, high temperatures, liquid and pressure-fed fires and…


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The Driving Force Behind Catalyst Leadership

The Driving Force Behind Catalyst Leadership

By: Thomas D. Kuglin Jr., Battalion Fire Chief



            Being new to the private, industrial sector world it can be overwhelming and challenging.  In the nearly six months here so far I am learning every day about the refinery’s processes, what makes them work and all the intricacies associated with them.  While I am just merely a beginner to the refining…


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Those Who Lead: When Opportunity Knocks

Those Who Lead: When Opportunity Knocks

By: Thomas D. Kuglin Jr.


I received a group email from my Fire Chiefs supervisor, concerning what makes a great safety professional after attending a recent conference. He further spoke of the characteristics listed by participants during the conference and how that list could be expanded to any profession.  He asked that members of our department do “homework” and list the top 10…


Added by Thomas D. Kuglin Jr. on August 17, 2017 at 4:33am — No Comments

Tips for Developing First-In Engine Company Training Evolutions

There are infinite skills and tasks that must be performed as a first-in engine company to the scene of a fire incident.  Skills and tasks can range from hoseline selection and deployment to size-up to hand tool selection and everything in between.  We could spend countless hours and time engaging in practical training evolutions on each one alone.  How can we develop a training evolution that encompasses multiple essential tasks?  I’m sure you’re thinking we do this all time so what makes…


Added by Thomas D. Kuglin Jr. on August 12, 2017 at 11:40pm — No Comments

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