Scott Richardson

57, Male

Denver, CO

United States

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Lives in:
South Metro Fire Rescue
Battalion Chief
Years of public service:
Agency structure:
Paid fire department
Top issues in your department:
Leadership, Communication, and Collaboration are three critical needs of the growing roles and responsibilities we spare in public service.
Professional Qualifications:
MA (Organizational Management; BA (Organizational Management). AAS (Public Service-Fire Science and Para-medicine); NFA Training Program Management, NFA Fire Service Course Design; Enhanced All-Hazards Incident Management/Unified Command MGT-314
Topics you provide training for:
Organizational Development, Strategic Planning, Leadership
Areas of expertise:
There are no experts. Nothing in emergency Services is an individual event; every event in emergency services is a learning opportunity.

Organizational Development and Emergency Services Leadership are my passion.
Scott Richardson is a third generation firefighter and a member of the fire service since 1983. His current assignment is Battalion Chief-4, South Metro Fire Rescue Authority. Scott is the former Coordinator of the South Metro Fire Rescue Technical Rescue Team. He is graduate of the National Fire Academy Training Program Management course, a Colorado state certified fire instructor and fire officer, and a primary faculty member for the Community College of Aurora Public Safety Program and the Metro Regional Technical Rescue Team. He is the founder of EMPOWER2Evolve, LLC. Scott instructs regionally and nationally, specifically on emergency services leadership and organizational development.
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  • Scott Richardson

    Having a mentor that you can bounce things off of from time to time throughout your emergency services career, be it paid or volunteer is a critical element to being a successful leader. Nothing in emergency services is an individual event, every event in emergency services is a learning opportunity.
  • Frank Ricci

    Scott, we could use your input in our group we are listed on page 2. Tactical Building Blocks & Air Management
    This group will focus on aggressive interior firefighting. We will address tactics that increase your chance of not getting jammed up and cover what actions to undertake if you do.We will cover some big issues as well as small tactical tips.
  • Frank Ricci

    Thanks for serving!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • Jim Byers

    Scott thanks for your reply to the group discussion in the Honor Guard group.
    Jim Byers
  • Bill Sullivan

    Scott, in "Team Building" I left a reply to your intial BC's question relative to the specialized teams. I was late with the answer and I apoligize for that. I just wanted to make sure you got it and I hope it was helpful. Bill
  • Christopher Naum, SFPE

    Thanks for the comment Lieu, have a safe tour. LMK if I can pass anything along your way or if you have any needs in the future.
  • Christopher Naum, SFPE

    I've got the VHS video in my library. I'll covert the segment over to MPEG. The incident occured in Washington State. Its on an old NFA Firefighter Safety video. Will get back to you when its converted.
  • Jessica Lynn

    Hey thanks for the comment...definately apprecaited!
  • Todd McKee

    Thanks Bro! Yeah how times have changed, keep in touch! Todd McKee
  • Erik Eitel

    Any chance you could post some pictures of the door prop that you mentioned? Thanks!
  • Scott Richardson

    Sorry for the delay, The door prop has been moved while we consolidate fire departments. the training division is preparing a presentation on it. I will post that (as long as they are okay with it) once it is done.

    thanks...BE SAFE!!!
  • Ben Fleagle

    Hey Boss,

    Just wanted to say, I really enjoy the "Building a Team" group and everything you've broght to the table there! Thanks.
  • Scott Richardson

    Thanks Brother! This site has been a big help for me. Sometimes I think I am beating my head against a wall, only to see everyone else shares the same frustration. Thank you for the encouraging words. Be safe Brotha!