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I am new to this whole thing and just starting out in the Tech Rescue / Collapse team. I was wondering what everyone carried with them (personally) when deployed on a Collapse incident. Is there something that you carry that you would recommend others carrying? Can you give me a basic list on things to carry...Hammer, tape measure, speed square, level,pencils...

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What is and where can one get the FEMA FOG manual ?
Michael Yinhar
Here's a link to FEMA's site where you can download the FOG either as a pdf or MSWord file:

Michael Yinhar said:
What is and where can one get the FEMA FOG manual ?
Michael Yinhar
hope this is useful this what
I have in my ready sack I'm in the Reserves and am called from home in an collapse incident here in Israel
they're not in order of importance and I'm sure to have forgotten something
some ear plugs
First aid Dressing+Turnoukit
2 pair spare gloves
2 HEPA masks
knee pads
one piece clear safety glasses in case
one piece green safety glasses
good 6'' sheath knife
Wire cutting Visegrip
small roll of reflective tape to put on tools that might disappear in the dust
Barbed wire cutter and 1 electric wire cutter
grinder key
a small garden pic-trowel
a 9" concrete chisel + 24" pry bar
a 2-3lb hammer fiberglass handle
folding GI shovel + small folding saw that uses sawzall blades
torch striker
oxy- propane regulator to bottles gaskets
small bolt cutters
couple of screwdrivers
electrical tape
small bottle or wipes of disinfectant
headlight + hand light and spare batteries
Spare clothes,underwear,socks
spare shoe laces, nail clipper, toilet paper


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