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I once heard my Fire Chief address a class of new recruits and he told them something that has stuck with me. He told them, "Boys, whether I give you a pat on the back or a kick in the a**, it comes from the same place; my heart."

That concept seems to be lost to many. In a day where Political Correctness would be more appropriately called Political Pandering, it seems like the ability correct a person in any other manner then in a stoic, "Spok" like demeanor, is veiwed as out of line. Now before you misunderstand my point, I'm not advocating being abusive. I'm talking about very straight forward, honest critisism when an employee screws up.

A couple of weeks ago I got to hear Ch. Lasky recall a time when a Chief "chewed his butt" one week and the very next week, the same Chief called Lasky back into his office and "chewed him out again." Lasky recalls the experience as a life changing event for the good.

I wonder if some of our marginal employees or mutts would have ended up as a mutt if they would have had someone care enough to rip them a new one when the bad behavior first started and began to become that person's M.O.?

I am also curious to hear from any of you about a time when you can recall that a good ole' fashion "Come to Jesus" meeting had the desired effect?

Maybe I'm a dinosaur, but I know of some times when I got set straight that probably saved my career. But what say you?

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As Officers we must make it our goal to point our members in the right direction. While some "Come to Jesus" meetings come with a price attached. That is part of our goal and our objective as a good boss. I've been on the otherside of the desk as a blue shirt and white shirt alike, but we must continue to lead our members forward. We can't afford to turn our back on any member regardless. We must push forward to better our service everday. Pat on the head or kick in the a**, doesn't really matter the name, the result is what really stands out.


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