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Why are Volunteer firefighters hated so much??? I have been wondering this from the day I started. I never thought is was as bad until we had lager 100,000 sq commercial fire. We where on seen with in 5 min and when I pulled on scene the building was already burning from one side to the next. We had 6 towns helping us. We never sent anyone in because the building was empty and we knew the building was not safe. When the fire hit the papers the bad mouthing started online. Call us scabs and it burned because we are volunteers and if we were full time it would never happen. But the 2 full time depts up north from me lost a appt building and the other lost a larger home, they got "great good". It really makes me mad we have the same training and certs and we fight the same fire. My town has been vol from day one, we have been trying to have some full time but the state keeps cutting money. Don't understand their problem, in my eye there are a disgrace to the fire service. I could understand if my town was w full time dept and they went to vol but thats not the case. What do they expect when town don't have money to run a vol dept how the hell are they going to pay full timers. The funny thing is all these full times that talk crap moved to a vol town, go back to your full time city. Why can't we get a lot and help each other.

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I wouldn't say that volunteer firefighters are "hated" per se, but they do not receive the same level of respect. It's like comparing a soup kitchen volunteer, to a full-time charity worker. Yes we appreciate your intent but at the end of the day this isn't your profession so you aren't making it your priority to stay on top of procedures, training, equipment upgrades, etc. If every volunteer routinely checked fire service news sources (they have fire service news apps now, for heaven's sake) then they'd be more informed and earn more respect.

Not hated, just not respected - as much. Volunteers don't train constantly, or are aware of current events/techniques/policies/strategies/etc... At the very least, anyone participating in fire service or emergency medical services, should keep themselves updated onfire service news so they're actually helpful and not just getting in the way of professionals.

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