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Please provide your tactical opinion on the following scenario. At 11:31 pm an all volunteer fire department (members responding from home) was paged out to a "possible car fire" at a local gas station. Engine 1(1980 model 1000 gpm/500 gal tank) with two personnel (both recently graduated from Vol FF certification course) was first to arrive on scene at 11:35. Engine 2 (2000 model 1250 gpm/1000 gal tank), driven by myself with one other firefighter on board was approximately one minute later on arrival.
Engine 1 equipped with two 150' "1 1/2" crosslays with 125 gpm combination nozzle and two 1" booster hoses on reels with 60 gpm single gallonage combination nozzles. Also, side compartments contained doughnut rolled 1 1/2" with 125 gpm combo nozzles for direct connection to pump panel.
Upon my arrival I witnessed the two Engine 1 firefighters and at least two others preparing to open the rear doors of an enclosed metal cargo/utility trailer parked 30 - 50 feet away from the gas pump island. The trailer was unhitched from the towing vehicle. The trailer cargo space was about 12' long by 5' wide and 6-7' tall. It had two rear doors that swung open in opposite directions and one side door on the right front side. There was a plastic skylight cover on top, but it did not appear to have vented. There was dark gray and brown smoke pushing with moderate pressure from the top seals of the rear doors and an there was an obvious burn pattern on the lower left side between the tire and rear doors. I was told at a later date, that the firefighters inquired from the owners about the contents of the trailer and they were told that it was loaded with furniture and suitcases. If the rear doors had not been locked, the first engine would have already begun applying water before the arrival of Engine 2.
Based on the above conditions, what would be your tactics and hoseline choices?


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I would have used the two 125 gpm 1 1/2" crosslay from engine one. one for extinction and the other for back up and protection. But with my apparatus i would have used class A foam.


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