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brothers, looking for any sop's/sog's on the of wearing shorts.. i am from new jersey. trying to get info to present to my chief. looking for time when they can be worn and cannot. type of footwear, socks would also be helpful. thank you brothers.

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Wearing shorts goes case by case. Three (3) women with good taste have to approve each person that wants to wear them.

I failz :-(

Just kidding. How hot is it where you guys work? Unless it's hotter than the middle east (or one of the 'stans), stay protected by wearing long pants and be greatful you aren't in Kevlar.
Do you really need them in New Jersey? I'm in Florida and I've only wore mine a few times.

Anyway, more or less the firefighters(lieutenant and below) can wear shorts in place of their pants. The only time that it's not appropriate is when class A uniforms(long sleeve, jacket, and hat) are required. We're still required to wear black socks and ANSI footwear.

Most are happy with the shorts. I personally don't care whether I wear them or not. Good luck with it.

Philly permits optional uniform shorts for all units, rank of captain and lower, except those at the administration building. Can only be worn from May 1 to September 30. If worn, must wear a low cut shoe, ie. oxford, no boots. (Sneakers also forbidden specifically in directive section on shorts, but then they're not allowed no matter what uniform you're wearing.) Also must wear black ankle socks, no logos/writing visible. Can wear with dept. T shirt, short sleeve work shirt, or most wear with our pullover shirt (golf shirt with pockets/epaulets).
Our guys can wear shorts Memorial Day to Columbus Day. They are required to wear either EMS pants or bunkers for EMS runs where hazards exist. This allows them the ability to make good or bad choices. Too many bad choices and the shorts will be gone. For the most part this has not been a problem. I personally don't like the Pepsi Delivery Man look, but who am I to judge?

With the shorts the rules state the inseam must be between the knee and 2 inches above. No "Jams", no "Lt. Dangle" shorty shorts. Only black athletic style shoes may be worn with them and only white ankle socks. Also, no uniform B shirts, only t-shirts or polos. Our personnel must wear pants and dress shirts on inspections and at public meetings or details.

Too me it's been more trouble then it's worth but, I wasn't a fan to start so maybe I'm slightly biased.
I too was not a fan of shorts until we started wearing them. Now I cant wait for that time of year!

I do agree that the number of times it's truly hot enough to wear them is slim. But, they are an optional work uniform that is a really great option. But, yes you do have 1 less layer of protection. But, on the other hand if you are wearing the wrong blended pants you may be better off.

We are required to wear Blauer uniform shorts embroidered with the dept. initials on the left hem. White socks, no insignias or markings, and low cut solid black footwear. The footwear also has to be free of markings unless solid black.

As far as " the professional look" Regardless of what type of uniform there will always be those who don't look professional.

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