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Just wondering what your dept. does to protect exposers. Just SFD not a common cockloft or connected, just a basic wood frame, with another house close. I've always read and heard to switch from the fire to the exposure with a 2.5", and that water curtains were inaffective, because the radiant heat will go right through the curtain. Don't know if that is the most effective way, so just trying to get some ideas on what you may do.

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Drop one or two Blitz fires or use the deck gun if you are too close.
Several things can be done depending on distance, construction, wind conditions -- close proximity + wood frame construction + unfavorable winds = concerns that need to be addressed right away
1. 2-1/2" line with solid bore nozzle to wash the wall, especially the eaves where fire can melt soffits and get into the attic -- a deck gun can do the same thing, but u must have sustained water supply to pull this off
sometines we use a telesqurt to do this if we can get it in and the wires do not impede us
If it is really close and maybe beginning to steam (or worse), you may also have to give the exposue a quick dash with the initial attack line on the way into the structure
2. ASAP assign a division supervisor to coordinate exposure ops
3. evacuate / search
4. stretch lines inside, check attic spaces
5. close windows / remove combustibles
6. open windows on unexpsoed side to dissipate heat -- be careful here in wind conditon, esp if fire side windows are not closed or break as it may pull fire into struture quicker -- have to coordinate and monitor
7. be careful how much damage u do -- remmeber we are tyring to save the structure -- if we trash it in the process, we did not do a good job
8. coordinate with fire building ops and furnish reports to command
Above all, make sure enough personnle are available to carry these things out -- strike additional alarms early!!
be safe

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