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I'm trying to find out the particulars of the different tools. I am partial to to the Pro bars but a lot of that is because for the longest time we had the choice between the pro bar and the old 3 piece Paratech "hooligans".

I am noticing now that a lot of companies have come out with their own single piece "halligan" type tools and i was wondering if any of you had any specifics on them.

We all know about the pro bar but the two that I have no experience with are the Paratech SPF (Single Piece forged) Hooligan and this LeatherHead Single piece tool.

Imitation is the best for of flattery I guess, but did they get it right? do any of you know how these tools are made? did they cut any corners on the design or manufacturing processes that would make it an inferior tool? 

Thanks guys, 

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So, as you said, multiple companies have come out with single piece, drop forged halligan. I carry a pro bar. I wouldn’t change it for a thing. To me, a well tuned pro bar is the best. However, we carry the Paratech single piece hooligan at my part time. It’s obviously better than the 3 piece but i feel it still has its flaws. To me the forks are still a little to thick. 

I havent used the leatherhead. That’s what our department has started buying to replace our 3 piece halligans lately. I know very respectable guys like Arthur Ashley that endorse it and also helped design it. If he says it’s good, it’s good. The only negative I’ve seen looking at it is it’s hexagonal shaft instead of octagonal like the pro bar. The hexagonal shaft puts an edge in line with the shoulders so if striking the shoulders is something you might find yourself doing then it’ll be harder than the smooth surface of the pro bar. 

Fortunately, the worst offender of SPF halligans, the tri bar, by Akron brass has been discontinued in its original form. I’m not even sure they make the second generation of it anymore. 

Min my opinion you can’t go wrong with a pro bar and the leatherhead is a very close second for me. 

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