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I was thinking of topics for my crew for Stand Down for Safety, and got a little side tracked thinking about my career. My question is this: What has the Fire Service given to you?

My second question is: What can you say that you have given to it and your crew? Let me know what ya'll think. Thanks for your answers.

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2 good and difficult questions.

- I think that the fire service has given my life a purpose. It has surrounded me with knowledgeble people who share the same passion to help others. It has given my life meaning with so many others being unsure. It has given me the chance be a role model for my children. It has provided me the opportunity to assist others in training and mentor others day to day. It has given me Brothers across this great country who I can call upon for anything.

I can only say that my passion for this service grows almost every day. My life and hobby are intertwined together in the American Fire Service. I can only hope, that when it is all over and I am forced to walk away, that I made a difference to someone.


Greg and Ben

We make a difference everyday. For one, everyone knows we're there. I tell my guys over and over that we are the last of the really good guys in this country. We don't kill, we don't recieve or take, we don't bust people for wrong doing, we are allowed every access to peoples worst nightmares. Not because we're "EMT's", but because we are "firemen". Parents still point at us as we drive by and people really do believe in our integrity and honesty. Secondly, everyday we spend with these young men and women at our side we are sharing ourselves with them in so many ways. In the end we have split ourselves in countless directions as they in turn mentor and shape others.

Ben, the fire service has given me an occupation I could respect and pour my heart into, and brothers with whom I could lean upon and carry in turn. Its given me the heritage of men in my family who went before me as firemen, whose experiences would have not had the impact they've had, had I not become a fireman as well. Its shown me that I am a work in progress and when I complete my career, I will have left it striving to be better, even to the end. And this ethic I strive to give back to the service. I push the young to become better men and women than they could have ever imagined, to believe in things of old, which made the fire service what it is. They won't learn it on their own for our world has changed and has left the fire service behind. Teaching them ethics and morals is often our greatest contribution. It preserves our soul as a brotherhood.

Braithe Thar Gach Ni "Brotherhood above all"

Ben, I couldn't have said it any better, Brother. I have always said that this is one of the few, noble callings left on this planet. It is also a place where you can be with folks who still have a bit of common sense remaining and are hard chargers. Stay safe. FTM-PTB
Amen, Greg. You know my thoughts on this. This is the subject that I tend to rant about. Thanks for the response. FTM-PTB

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