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What is everyone's take on those pesky freelance videographers and photographers who basically chase fire apparatus, ambulances, and police cars in order to basically get their kicks, and those claiming to be fire personnel when they really aren't?  Do you keep them on the scene, do you have them removed, and how can we prevent them from showing up on our scenes as volunteers?  The reason I am posting this is a local fire company in my area recently had a double fatal apartment fire in a garden style apartment complex, thus being the case, the videographer is on location and films a fire crew exiting the main door with one firefighter using hand signals to the awaiting medic unit, then after he or she exits the door, there is a firefighter carrying an unconscious six year old female from the apartment, this female was pronounced dead at the hospital from injuries possibly prior to the fire unknown at this time, but either way, the victim perished as well as her mother, so how can we stop these individuals who disrespect the lives of others, placing fire companies and municipalities at risk from entering our scenes and creating these videos to be posted on public forums such as facebook and youtube such as the case in this.  If everyone wishes I will post the link to such disturbing film from the individual from this particular call and from there you can see his not so bad videos of fire apparatus responses, and other emergency vehicle responses, however, as a fire officer, I have stated to my members that I will not allow this person on my incidents, I will have him removed by the police department, and should he feel the need to challenge me in court, I will properly due so.  I will also state that while he is not a member of the press, he is simply a chaser of vehicles from emergency services, and is not a member of any organization of any kind.  I also understand that we will never stop all the cell phones from capturing video or photos, but most people use common sense and will not post these types of videos or pictures with the victim or families shown.

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