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How often do you and the guys train on the Emergency Response Guide?

Why or Why not?

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How often do you Ops? Can you share the drill with me so I can pass it on to others?
Thanks for the reply borther!
I wrote an article for FE check it out and let me know if you would try anything that I wrote about in your FH
GREAT! Do me a favor please print it off and post it at your station (s). This not because I wrote but becasue I want guys to think which may make them pick up the ERG more than once a year. Thank you BROTHER
Great Job! BROTHER! I am liked what I hear, I want all guys to do what you do..... KEEP IT UP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
AWESOME I wrote an article on FE.COM about ERG usage... take a look at it tell me what you think
The title is removing the dust from the ERG or something like that..........
Every couple of months i take the menbers out for a drive and have them look up any placards they see and tell me what they found out about the placard it is a simple training session but could save a life in knowing how to identy the chemical and plan for it.
great idea!
Great idea keeping an ERG available while travelling!

Would also be good to have one in a POV if your with a rural vol. dept. You might happen upon, or be first on-scene at, a truck or farm chemical wreck/Haz incident and be able to give some advance notice.

Our dept. now has some extra ERG's for personel use, thanks to an excellent class instructed by a certain Todd McKee character. Thanks, Brother!!
Paul: Thank you for such great comments and it is an honor to have such kind words! Todd
My Department practices at least annually during our Haz Mat Tech Refresher. I also get to teach from it during my Firefighter I courses and Haz Mat First responder Ops classes.
We do not. I beleive every apparatus is supposed to have one on it. I actually have my own I "liberated" from a spare chiefs car. As far as us having one, thats on the officers side.

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