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My department just purchased a 4 seat Husqvarna Gator that is supposed to be used for all terrain search/rescue and possibly brush fires. We are trying to make SOP's/SOG's for it but do not know where to start. Anyone have any sample SOPs/SOGs or know of anywhere I can find them??

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Policy and procedure handbook

Pine River Fire Department

Effective date: 2-2011     policy #F27    page 1 of 2











 To provide criteria for the number and type of personnel that will respond with the six wheeler depending on the type of call.





1. Fire only calls


a.  Minimum of two firefighters.

b.  At least one firefighter certified in six wheeler and pump operation.

c.  At least one firefighter with wildland training.


2. EMS, or any type of rescue operation.


  1. Minimum two personnel.
  2. Minimum one first responder, preferably two.
  3. One must be certified in six wheeler operation.


3.  All Fire Department operators of the vehicle must go through approved training and testing prior to operating the Six Wheeler. Untrained members shall not operate the Six Wheeler.

Policy and procedure handbook

Pine River Fire Department

Effective date: 2-2011     policy #F27    page 2 of 2









The Six Wheeler shall not be operated upon any paved road surfaces unless it is an emergency situation or when traveling to or from an activity site where no reasonable alternative route exists.


 The Six Wheeler shall not be operated upon any railroad tracks for any reason. Extreme caution should be used when crossing tracks and operating in the vicinity of the tracks as the noise of the Six Wheeler will make it impossible to hear a train. If there will be an extended use of the Six Wheeler in the vicinity of the tracks, have the dispatcher notify the railroad.


The Six Wheeler shall be operated at speeds that are reasonable for road and terrain conditions. The primary uses for the Six Wheeler would be medical: for reaching a victim in inaccessible areas and transporting back to civilization and; fire: for accessing and transporting fire fighting equipment in the event of a fire in an otherwise inaccessible area. Equipment and/or patients transported on the Six Wheeler must be secured using the available straps, ropes, etc. Extreme care and LOW SPEED will be used whenever transporting a person on the Six Wheeler.


Prior to using the vehicle a check shall be done to verify fuel level, oil level and tire pressure.

After use the Six Wheeler shall be cleaned, fueled and returned to service and any outstanding

maintenance issues shall be identified to the maintenance officer for resolution.



Thank you very much Mr. Collatz.

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