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It is rare to find Firefighters that love HazMat...............

It is rare to find firefighters that have the love for HazMat. Why do you love HazMat or Why don't you love HazMat?

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You are right!! It is rare to find a firefighter who loves Haz-Mat!!  As much as I love running into burning buildings, or hanging a couple of hundred feet off of a rope, those are very mechanical. Both skills take some thought, but haz-mat is what I call the "thinking" firemans job. Haz-Mat cannot be done by rote like other firefighting skills. It takes skill,finesse, and brains to do it and do it right!! Are you a member of the IAHMT? If not go to this website The dues for membership are $35 I met one of the co-founders at TTCI in Pueblo Colorado at the railcar specialist course. I am doing a presentation on Haz - Mat this year at FDIC. This is the 5th year I have done classroom and the second year I have done this presentation. It is basic info for those who don't like haz - mat, but everyone seems to enjoy it. Another resource is at Great software for training!! I designed one of the scenarios. Well that's all for now. Good to meet a "thinking" fireman in the Ohio area. If you ever make it to Cincy look me up, or maybe I will see you in Indy
Here is my email please stay in contact with me
Amen Brother!
Yes, I am one of these freaks! I was trained as a laboratory specialist, but working in fundamental research was not my thing. After having had several jobs (most of them in radiation protection), and having been a company fire fighter for the ministry of Defence and a volunteer fire fighter in my home town, I have ended up working for the Amsterdam FD as a hazmat officer. Here I can combine my lab knowledge with the practical and very usefull work of ending a hazmat incident. And I love it! My work is also one of my hobbies - and that is the reason why I am answering this question at the shamefull time of 01.35 in the night, while I should be in bed.
In our field there is no end to learning, and there is so much interesting info available that I would like to put in my head! I hope to be in this job for many years to come - and to exchange info with other freaks!
Jetty: Excellent please keep up the great work Todd McKee

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