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It's Sunday and I was just sitting at work and I started thinking about an anchor point that I was taught with webbing. Not having tied it in a while I went out and made sure I remembered how to get it done. Lucky for me my memory is still intact.

The other guys came over and we had a short lesson for it's uses and showed them how to tie it too.  This led into a morning of going over some very simple, but effective, ways to use the webbing that we carry.

Everyone has their own ideas about why they carry a certain length of webbing or rope. But, don't limit yourself to the harnesses and escape systems that utilize webbing. The pieces I keep are for a multitude of "basic" practices that assist me, when needed, in actual firefighting.

We can use them for controlling doors, advancing a large line, searching off of a line and more.  I would like you to all share your webbing stories.  What lengths do you carry? Why? And are there any special tricks you have picked up from some experienced guy in the house?

Take care and remember our troops and their families this Memorial Day.

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Jason, in the picture, can you explain what anchor that is?  Is it tied off on a length of hose?  Can you describe the technique a little, I have never seen that way and I am interested, thanks!

I dont keep webbing, but I keep a few pieces of utility rope, a few feet in length for various uses.  I keep one tied in a prussik loop that I use for hose work, and firefighter drags, and marrying different tools together to carry.  I have atleast 2 more short lenghts for other uses such as door control and tool movement.

Brian, this is just a girth hitch around the hose. This is a 20 foot piece of webbing tied into a loop with a water knot.  This method is used to search off of the hose line.  It is not really an anchor point, just a way to search off of the line without losing "contact."  I keep two lengths of webbing, one is 20 ft. and the other is 30ft. The 20 ft one I will shorten for things like controlling the door, carrying tools to the roof and other utility activities.  The 30 footer I keep for rescue type of activities, window removals, hasty harnesses and victim removal.

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