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What are your thoughts on the roll technique when advancing hose? This is usually used when you need to advance hose with minium manpower!

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Right here is what this sight is all about, this is an excellent forum for learning. Great Pictures and questions~! What about SOP's one gentleman said he has it in his SOP's . Share those with the group please
The loop should be layed down by the Doorman. One way to do this is to use a off apartment, or another room to find a place for the hose. Can there be too much? Yes, but that is where training all the FFs on how to estimate stretches, something we don't do in these days of pre-connects. Roll the hoseline up the stairs or down the hallway, then find a home on the floor for it. There should not be a ton of hose. The Backup FF should not be saying "More line"! but sayint " 5 feet,,,10 feet" etc. This way it gives the Door FF an idea. As far as SOPs, there is no rock solid SOP, like I said before, pro active Engine Companies train daily with water. This is something my company does when ever we need hose on an upper floor. The alternative is a bunch of kinks.
Be safe
"OBSERVATIONS ON THE ENGINE COMPANY" in my previous reply is an Andrew Fredericks article.

Some other FE articles that mention bows, kinks and doorman:



How Kinks Affect Your Fire Attack System
Doug Leihbacher
Jerry Knapp
Tim Pillsworth
Christopher Flatley
Thanks Paul! This is a great forum for all! Remember be safe and train as training will save lives
Using this roll technique works very well in open areas and stairwells. It also works well to get 6-10' of hose around a corner. One brother mentioned the nozzle being closed; great point.
Scott Great! Reply Bro ! This seems to be one of the best ways to advance hose. Feel free to tak e a look at some of the hazmat groups. Thanks
For residential we use a flat load from the engine. We take the nozzle to the door that we are making entry. We then zig-zag back and forth on the ground from the entry point out about 25ft. back and forth. This way you are only pulling from the front and not from the engine to the door. It will generally pull up a set of stairs and around corners. The loop does work for going up at set of stairs and then zig-zag on the landing or hallway.

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