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Looking for some ideas for an scba/search and rescue maze for an upcoming drill have two stories to fill and was assigned the task to come up with something intense yet fun for the members to drill with. Anyone that has some suggestions or some neat props they use i would appreciate the help! Don't want to have the same old thing.


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I would be interested in this info also. Please
One scenario could be trapped or lost FF. Have FFs come in second floor window off of a ladder. Find a hoseline with a butt nearby to see if they can determine which way to go to find nozzle. Have dummy near nozzle and have FFs get dummy back to entry window. Make it more difficult have dummy up in attic like attic fire. Attic ladder up through scuttle h*** with hose and nozzle up near dummy
Second scenario enter first floor and do a complete house search bringing tools. Place ladder on stairs along with extra debris to enclose stairs. Other ideas with stairs after FFs go up to search have assistants place platforms that would make a floor level about six or seven stairs up from the bottom. Did FFs count stairs on the way up
Is this a place that can be wrecked? Open a couple of stud spaces and pass hose through or open floor joists to crawl on. The possibilities are endless just open your mind or try to recall some situations you have encountered and try to duplicate
A great drill I came across thanks to one of my LT's (not sure where he got it from) was a maze drill with props. The props included a portable radio with the battery separated, a TIC with the battery taken off, a nozzle, a "FF down" with no regulator attached to his mask, and empty SCBA harness with the bottle out followed by the hose with many hoops in it forcing you to follow the right way out.
The challenge was to do a search, when you find a object, Identify it, and put it back together with no light(black out mask) and with gloves on. For the nozzle you had to turn the pattern to straight stream, the FF down you had to identify what was wrong, then fix it, and place the SCBA bottle back in the pack.
At the end ask the FF how many objects he encountered and how long the hose was. That was a great question to test your memory. Often times counting is overlooked, so it enforces attention to detail. A simple mistake can throw the coupling count off. The best thing I got out of it was although we change batteries in TIC's and portables on our daily checks it is much harder when you can't see and you have gloves on.

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