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Hi All...

My Dept is re-working all of our SOG's. I have been assigned Truck op's and High Rise. I was looking for other Dept's SOG's to compair and to be honest pick from the bast and use those in our Dept to improve the way or should I say the lack of a way we use our three trucks and manpaower. I do not want to steal them but give credit where credit is due. I believe truck work is very important and want to improve the way we do things here.

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We are doing the same in our department after the departure of a chief who caused havoc for 26 years. We have a 3 man truck and a 2 man ambulance/rescue that operate together @ fires.

The ladder chauffer positions the truck and uses the stick if necesary, if not, he works with the ground ladders to perform VES

the roof man performs vertical ventilation with the chauffer or performs VES

The Outside man throwns ground ladders and vents from the outside if requested by the first line

the rescue crew (2 FF) perform interior search and rescue

Thats a general description. if anything comes down the line from our ops chief, i'll get back to young
We're doing the same thing here. I'm working on Commercial buildings, so I'll throw up what we have so far and see if anyone has any ideas. When I get a look at the highrise stuff I can send it your way.

Commercial assignment 2 trucks, staffed with 4

1st truck- Front of the building, crew splits- inside team forcible entry then search for fire and/or victims, support interior engine crews. Outside team- roof access and ventilation

2nd truck- Rear of the building, crew splits- inside team forcible entry, utility control, create egress points. Outside team- roof access and ventilation assisting the first truck. (creates 2nd point of roof egress)


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