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New Firefighter Orientation
7 Hour Class with Maximum of 20 Students
Instructor: John Miller IV, Paramedic/Firefighter (Stancliff Hose Co.,
...Waterford, PA)
This program is designed for the new comer to the fire service. In the
classroom we will discuss the fundamentals of fire science and go
over some basic terminology along with tool name usage. We also go
over turn out gear and how to wear it appropriately along with the use
of an SCBA. After lunch we will be outside working with ladders and
hose advancement. By the end of the program the new comer will
have some of the basic knowledge to begin functioning as a team
member on the fire ground. NFPA 1983 compliant turnout gear,
including S.C.B.A., is required. A spare cylinder is recommended.

Advanced Vehicle Extrication
7 Hour Class with Maximum of 24 Students
Instructor: Scott Shaw, Firefighter (Cincinnati., OH F.D.)
This exciting class will take extrication to the next step using scenario
based learning. We will cover a few basics in the classroom, but the
majority of the day will be spent extricating victims from vehicles in
various positions and levels of damage. While not designed for the
novice rescuer, “new guys/girls” all the way to veteran members will
be able to gain valuable experience through this training. NFPA
1983 compliant turnout gear, including eye protection, is required.
Hearing protection is recommended.

Engine & Truck Operations
7 Hour Class with Maximum of 24 Students
Instructors: Fools of Oz, Fire Officers (Witchita, KS Metro Area)
Whether you are a volunteer or career firefighter, certain tasks must
be accomplished on the fireground for success. Not everyone is
fortunate enough to have separate truck and engine companies in
their department, but this class will address just a few of the many
skills that can be employed at the fire scene. Students will have a
chance to pick up tips and tricks in both engine and truck tactics.
This hands on class will include Forcible Entry, Ventilation, Ladder
Throws, Hoseline Advancement, 2 ½” Hoseline Techniques, and
Hoseline Positions (nozzle, backup, doorman). NFPA 1983 compliant
turnout gear, including S.C.B.A., is required.

Fire Ground Assessment - Seeing the Big Picture
4 Hour Class with Maximum of 24 Students
Instructors: Troy Webster, Captain (Florence, KY F.D.)
Assessing the fire ground upon arrival is critical. In fact, the decisions
made from the initial assessment gathered can mean the difference between
life and death. This 4-hour program will discuss how to make
more informed decisions based on the situation at hand. This program
will take a common sense approach to scene size-up and explore ways in
making the first arriving officer better informed.

Reel Leadership
4 Hour Class with Maximum of 24 Students
Instructor: Troy Webster, Captain (Florence, KY F.D.)
Lights, cameras, action! This 4-hour educational, highly active program is
designed to provide a wide selection of Hollywood movies that will
support and enhance real-world leadership lessons used in today’s fire
service. These films will not only entertain but also provide a way to
teach leadership at all levels in the process of a firefighter’s career.
Through this unique way of learning, we will share concepts, create ideas,
and confirm facts, reinforced by action and drama of the big screen and
incorporating various activities. Lots of people are talking about
leadership these days and there is a good reason, it's the most important
skill that a fire officer or chief can possess, when the folks in leadership
positions have the Right Stuff. Don’t miss out on this educational and
entertaining opportunity!

R.I.T.: Truth or Consequences
7 Hour Class with Maximum of 20 Students
Instructor: Mark Gregory, Lieutenant (F.D.N.Y., Tower Ladder 111)
Learn from Instructors that have been involved in actual Firefighter
Removals and have helped to establish successful R.I.T. Programs which
techniques can help expedite the removal of a firefighter in need of
assistance. Proactive Firefighting rather than Reactive Firefighting is
emphasized during this course. This class will consist of a PowerPoint
presentation along with hands-on skills covering various drags, carries,
high point rescue techniques, and airway management of a downed
firefighter. NFPA 1983 compliant turnout gear, including S.C.B.A., is

7 Hour Class with Maximum of 24 Students
Instructor: Joe Polenzani, Captain (Franklin, TN F.D.)
Whether attacking a fire, ventilating a roof, or performing overhaul,
firefighters rely on their SCBA for protection from smoke and toxic
gasses. Failure to master this essential piece of equipment can result in
the failure of many fireground operations, endangering both the wearer
and other firefighters. This hands-on class is designed to give firefighters
the confidence to successfully deal with SCBA emergencies and other
challenging situations that they may encounter on the fireground. Topics
covered include moving through and disentangling from wires,
reduced-profile maneuvers, air management, handling SCBA
malfunctions, and self-rescue techniques. The class uses a series of
realistic evolutions, which provide both an opportunity to learn new skills
and a personal evaluation tool that students can use to gauge their own
level of competence. NFPA 1983 compliant turnout gear, including
S.C.B.A., is required. A spare cylinder is recommended.

First Due Engineer
7 Hour Class with Maximum of 24 Students
Instructor: David Brugman, Engineer (Nashville, TN F.D.)
It doesn’t matter if you’re called an Engineer, Chauffeur, Driver, etc.,
the responsibilities and performance of an apparatus operator can
impact many things. Vehicle/equipment readiness, safe driving to
and from the scene, apparatus positioning, initial attack line set up,
water supply, exterior needs like ventilation, lighting, laddering, etc.
can all fall on the first due engineer. This class will focus on
pre-incident preparation, response considerations, arrival on scene,
initial set up, sustaining operations, staying ahead of the current
situation, safety, etc. There will be classroom and hands on
applications throughout the day. NFPA 1983 compliant turnout gear.

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