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I wated to know if anybody else had this problem the volunteer department i am on is really starting to get to me i have on several occasions observed very disrespectful behavior going on at the fire house people pushing each other in office chairs out in the middle of the road having their girlfriends there and sexual things being done in the apparatus there is a lot more i have confronted my chief several times and it hasnt really done much good i think this i very disrespectful to the job and everything we stand for it really makes me sick and i would just like to fix the problem does anybody else have or had this problem or know a way to fix it

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Sounds like your command officers worry about being friends with their firefighters and don't worry about leading the organization with integrity and respect. I don't think this is an easy fix without buy-in from the chief. If you can sway enough of the firefighters to your line of thinking, you may be able to peer pressure and lead by example. Don't be afraid to make the tough decisions about what you are willing to "go along with". Don't sacrifice your beliefs in what you think the job should be like. It sounds like those people are firefighters by proxy, meaning i am a fireman because i wear the shirt and hang out with firemen. It don't work that way! Keep fighting the good fight.

I have always loved the quote "It's the man thats makes the uniform, not the uniform that makes the man". Forget these mutt wanna be firefighters. You must keep your head held high and do the right thing. Follows the Chiefs advice below.
Keep the faith brother
Its not just a matter of disrespect for the calling of a firefighter but rather the dishonoring of one self and a lack of professionalism.
Professionalism is not a term that delineates a paid firefighter from a volunteer. Rather, it is a term denoting a level of conduct and service delivery. The antics you describe are something one would expect in a college frat house not a fire station. This behavior is not professional in the least and reflects on the type of service delivery one could expect.
Unfortunately, if the chief has no backbone to correct the problem then it will not go away. If it is tolerated, even remotely, it will continue. Those engaging in childish behavior amidst the serious life and death nature of firefighting should be dismissed from the fire department without hesitation or reservation, if the chief had a spine. These individuals have demonstrated their worthlessness to the fire department and are to be regarded as dead weight, regardless of what they have done in the past. They clearly don't care anymore.
For yourself and those like you, conduct yourself in a serious and honorable manner, take firefighting seriously and perform to the highest standard possible.
I am reminded of another quote used to evaluate performance. "If I do what I am contemplating would I want my family or the public to know about the behavior I am engaging in"?


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