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About a year ago our company decided to add a set of Heavy Irons (Maul mated with Haligan) to our truck. Anticipating the department not approving the purchase, we fronted the money ourselves and put them in service. Like all the other different types of tools on the truck they are loved by some, disinterested by some others, but accepted by all who are assigned to the station. Recently our chief of operations found out about them and ordered them to be removed from the truck. His reasoning is that since they are not purchased by the department they are a liability in the case of an injury. Naturally the jakes are all dumb-founded about the reason for them being removed. We currently have a standard on firefighters using their privately purchased hoods, boots, flashlights, and ect. Do not understand the difference. We want our heavy irons back and we need some help convincing the bossman.

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You could certainly try and submit either a cut sheet, or spec sheet to the Chief. In service training by a qualified person is a step in the right direction, and the clincher is of course proof that it meets the NFPA standard. If members can show proficiency, and a BENEFIT not otherwise afforded by the current tools, it might sway his decision. Also buying the tool from the same company that manufactures tools already on your truck (example: Paratech or Firehooks or K-Tool Co.) could help. The end result is you circumvented his authority and his ego is bruised. That needs to be repaired and then you could probably reason with him. Or you could always keep the irons off the truck and pass them along to each irons firefighter at shift change to use for that tour. Hope it helps!
Hit him on the head with the maul and pry his lead a** out of his comfy office chair in his air-conditioned office using the Halligan!
honestly if the tools are complient with standards that should be all the reason he needs but old dogs are hard to please. present the facts on paper and ask for the chance to demo for him the difference.


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