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I am looking for some input, how does your volunterr department handle response?
Do you staff stations or respond from home?
Are you assigned to shifts or platoons?
Do you sign up for availability or just respond when available?
How do ensure coverage for your customers?

Thanks in advance for you input!

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we respond from our home or place of work if we work in the town and our bosses let us. we have 1 full time fire chief and a part time firefighter we he isn;t on duty at his full time department. we have mutal aid agreements with three other departments to make sure that we have good staffing coverage. the chief and firefighter are there 8-5, mon.-fri.. this is from the gentry fire department, gentry arkansas. we are not on shifts or platoons.
We have five diffrent departments in our town , in upstate ny , we use automatic mutual aid in our dept. with two neighboring depts, for fire & ems calls , due to our low staffing level, we respond to the station from home or work , if apparatus is out the door already then it's pov to the scene .
On call 24/7 , paged out , No staffing,unless a specail event, Monday - Friday we have AMA 7am to 5pm as do the other depts in town , total of 8 that cover the town.
Yes, We respond from home or wherver we are at the time We don't have shifts or platoons The highest ranking officer on sceene is in charge. And we have Automatic Mutuial Aid with 2 other Depts in our area.
Who ever can responde , the county has two vol. department and we both get the page for every call . there is every few job in Roby is almost every body works out of town . the other department is in Rotan and there is afew guys that work in town on it . The normal first responce from Roby 2 to 3 from Rotan 5to 8 . We have automatic mutuial aid from the surrounding county in the out lying areas. 2 vol. department covering 900 sq miles. Fisher county TEXAS

We are a pretty standard 100% volunteer department. We cover an area of 79 square miles and have two station. Our volunteers respond from there homes and roll the trucks as the members come in. We have 11 trucks so not to often on a job will members need to respond POV, but it happens sometimes. We share A good relationship with the departments that surround us but don't have an active auto response with them.


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