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I've wanted to post a question to see if anybody is using frameless porta tanks. Any good comments, bad comments, horror stories would be greatly appreciated. Thanks and stay safe.

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We use the frameless "pools" in our Dept. Negative includes amount of manpower needed to set up & it takes people away from other tasks. With ours minimum 4 to get spread out & they have to hold the corners until enough water has been dumped into it to allow the pool to stand on it's own. Poistive side-light-weight, rolls up 7 rides in a frame on top of our tanker.
Hello William,
My department has used both types. We chose the Frame tanks. The frameless tank we tried used a floation collar and as the tank was filled the collar would float and raise the tank sides. The problem we found was that sometimes the drafting hose would cause the collar to collapse and we would lose some of the water. I understand that there are tanks designed now that have a draft outlet made into the bottom of the tank, but I have not seen one. My department uses the rigid frame tank and have not had a problem.
Take Care,
Captain Bob
Captain Bob, what size tanks do you carry on your apparatus? Also, how many ears do the individual tanks have?
We carry a 3000 gallon and a 1500 fold-da-tank. Not sure what an ear is but if you are refering to drains, The 3000 gallon has 2 ears. The 1500 has one. The capacity of our tanker is 3500.
Frames VS Float Collars we had one givento us (float collar that is ) This country aint FLAT so it can only be used in a very few places or we watch it roll down hill or road or what ever! BUT for a prop to get some of our ROOKIE Pump people started and such I think we can put it to use BIG time. Combo set ups with portable pumps and delivery via relay. elevated sites and friction calcs/EP's,compare set up times and people needed?? Alot of folks have the Collared stand alone swimming pools.What about a little yard prep for the "BAG"???? Stay Safe Wayne
In my department we had one of each. We got rid of the frameless because of many reasons. One reason was when we were using it we found that the while it was getting closer to empty the tank started to roll under the truck while using a front suction. This may be because we werent on flat ground but everytime we used it this happened. Another big reason we got rid of it was because it took up compartment space. The tank with a frame we have mounted on the side of our tanker or we had them on top of our old tankers. The last main reason was because when it started getting empty the floating top would go down with the water level. This was a problem because the tank always looked full so if the person dumping the tanker wasnt paying attention they didnt know if they should dump there water or not. These were some of the problems we had with our frameless.


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