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Hi, were starting our rescue and we are in a huge debate on wether or not we as a commitee should save a seat for a medic. Our squad will be staffed with 4, a Captain, and either 2 firefighters and an medic or 3 firefighters. All memebers bidding must have pre-set qualifications like, rope tech,water tech, vehicle tech, hazmat tech and be at least an advanced EMT.( Indiana advanced-basic, can start lines but no drugs) Some members on the commitee think we need a medic for pt. care? Others say no? We have less then 20% of out job that are medics. We run 3 medic ambulances and one medic engine, i just dont see the need for a medic "seat" when we all are advanced. If anyone has come across this problem in the past or just has a thought, it would be great to hear you opion. Thanks Doug

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My department is all volunteer but in order for our rescue to respond we require at least one EMT to be on the truck or responding in the departments ambulance do just that PT care. If you are going to be running rescue jobs in confined spaces, and other places where you may need speaclized training to enter the space and may have the need to start drugs i think it might be a good Idea this way it allows you to have that option avalible to you with out you having to try and find a medic who has these quals to do so.
Thanks David for the info, we are throwing around a lot of ideas, but i worry about overtime staffing? Since the spot will have to be filled with the same qualifications.Doug

We currently run our rescue with a minimum staffing of 4 and if staffing permits we usually will throw a medic over onto the rescue (all others are minimum EMT). We run ALS first response since at county ALS service handles all transports. It has been nice on tech. rescue calls to have a medic on hand that has the ability to render care in tight spots but also knows and works with how we operate. If you are comfortable with how your department's medics operate on tech calls then I don't see a need to assign a medic "seat" on your rescue. I see it as possibly giving up the valuable knowledge / experience of an EMT who now might not be making the call because of being assigned to another rig. I would push for a part-time medic spot while your department / rescue has the chance to bring your rescue medics up to par with your departments tech rescue standards.

Sean Brooks
Doug, the biggest consideration is what would the community expect from your Department? One thing to keep in mind is not only the trench, structural collapse, and confined space incidents but by far the most common are the vehicle extrication incidents. During prolong extrications it may be necessary to push meds, intubate, and perform other advanced skills.

We train in all these disciplines, but by far the most frequent are the vehicle wrecks. If your budget can mangae it, this could be a good way to justify the need for additional funding for medic school. I would strongly recommed you evaluate placing a medic on your rig.

Good luck, keep it safe.
We have ALS equipment and medics on our "rescue" not just for the community, but for our own guys and our neighboring departments in case a firefighter gets in a pinch.



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