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I am interested in some very specific information:
1- what gpm are you running on 1 3/4" and 2 1/2" interior attack lines?
2- do you restrict those lines from being "dried up" by the pump operator. Meaning that if he/she is flowing a 2 1/2" and 1 3/4" interior attack line how do you compensate and adjust those lines?
3- do you have any policies, rules, sop's regarding not using CAFS on interior fires that do not have carpeted or floors covered with some other "absorbant" material?
4- do you use CAFS differently for your city vs. rural stations?


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Hey man

1. 2008 spartan with darley Cafs (compressed air foam system) Our pump gpm are 115 then you have to gate down the discharge to 80 psi for your 1 3/4 and and 70 for 2 1/2 the reson for the 115 gpm yourcompresser has to have the rpms to creat the right air pressure
2. all you have to due to make it dryer is to gat the water back at the pump panel
3. No not on that cafs was designed to soak in to any thing you will be surprised how fas you put out house fires and car fires you can also use it for class b fires we had a oil pit and desil pit catch on fire another fire dept put 10,000 gal of water on and did not even die it down we used a 800 gal and 4 gal with cafs and had it out you will change your statages and tactics becouse it is so much faster
4. you dont have to worry about it cafs saves time on the road for tanker relays and personel beouse you ant going to be there that long it also reduces property loss


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