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Five Minutes in the Street: RIT Deployment Strategies & Safety

Your the Commanding Officer of an eight (8) member staffed Rapid Intervention Team (RIT). The composition of the team consists of all highly trained and experienced firefighters. You have an additional four (4) staffed engine co. crew and a five (5) staffed truck co. crew “on-deck” and available.

Companies are operating at an “All Hands” fire at a three (3) story Type III (Ordinary Construction) Commercial occupancy. Operating companies have good staffing, with a robust alarm assignment either working or staged. The building is windowless, with all window openings covered and secured with plywood (HUD) sheathing systems.

The building is unoccupied since early last year. Companies have been operating for over twenty minutes with heavy fire conditions on the number two (2) floor. They’re making progress, but are encountering heavy heat and fire conditions. The fire appears to be extending vertically and horizontally to the Charlie side.

A mayday is transmitted to Command. It’s initially unclear who or which company has made the transmission, however, Command determines it to be an engine company that was assigned support in stretching a 2.5 inch handline from the first floor to the second via a centrally located interior stairwell. Multiple engine and truck company units are operating within the interior. Initial reports indicate its being transmitted by one firefighter..but unconfirmed at the present time....

As the Commanding Officer of RIT, What are your initial IAP and strategies?
What did or should you have done: prior to the mayday as part of your assigned duties?
What needs to be done, who’s going to do it, why are you going to do it?
How does time affect your operations?
What's the fire conditions looking like to you...?
What does Command and the general staff need to do..?
What else are you going to need to consider or are going to need confirmation on?
Risk and Safety…what are your biggest concerns?
What else are you going to need?

You’ve been given the assignment by Command, Get your assignments out, you’ve got five minutes to brief and deploy….now get goin’……

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