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I am wanting to know where the desire has gone to do this job? When I was young growing up around the fire service everyone seemed to have so much pride and drive that nothing could get in the way of them doing what they loved. Now I see new members come in and not put hardly any focus or effort into learning about the fire service. As a Captain I teach members everything I can and make myself available for any questions they need answered, but it seems like my phone is ringing less and less as time goes on. I know this is a nation wide issue and there really hasn’t been a quick fix found yet. What I am wanting to know is if YOU still love this job the way you did when you started and why? Is it just the way the fire service is now? And what on earth can be done to instill pride, and desire for the job in these new members?

I’ll answer my first question and see what you think.

What I am wanting to know is if YOU still love this job the way you did when you started and why?
I love this job with all my heart and never have strayed from that feeling. The brotherhood (true brotherhood) is something that only Firefighters are able to understand and experience. I still get excited when the tones and I get that feeling in my bones that its time to go do your job. When I walk into my station I am overwhelmed with a feeling of pride that this house is something I’ve helped build into a well oiled machine and watched grow sense I was a little boy. I want to pass this job on to my son so he can understand the true meaning of loving your job. I love this job and I will till the day I die.

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I still love this job as much as I did since I was a kid watching my dad, uncles, and neighbors leave and go on runs. I don't think that the younger people coming don't love the job, it is just that maybe they don't totally understand what it is all about. I know what has helped our department is that we try to bring new members into the department in groups of 2 or 3 that way they are learning together and they form a bond that feeds their desire to learn; this also gets the "older" guys and gals going because they don't want the "younger" ones getting a step ahead of them.

Stay Safe!!!!

I hope I am reading into the demeanors of the new hires a little to much. Maybe its my OCD when it comes to the fire service being my life constantly that makes it seem as if the new guys don’t care. One thing I do know is that it is up to us to create the kind of firefighters we want in our house. These moldable minds must be led in the right direction in order to grow and become great at this job. Thank you for your opinions and comments.



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