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What do you use for fall safety in the bucket? We use simple belts, which don’t work on a couple of levels. First, as a safety professional, so I know that they are more likely to break a brother’s back than to save his life in a fall. Second, they are a huge pain to put on with an SCBA, so nobody uses them anyway, unless the officer insists. I’d like to know what other truckies are using that can be put on quickly and will protect the brothers in the bucket.

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We get issued a harness as part of our PPE that is integrated into your turnout pants. If your working on a truck company you are required by SOP to wear it. All of the trucks have a couple of different sized lanyards depending on what your doing to clip into the bucket/aerial or a ground ladder if needed. There is a two foot lanyard for working close to the bucket/aerial and a longer one if you need to leave the bucket/aerial to cut a h***, so your still tethered to something. The harness sits below the waist belt of your SCBA so it doesnt interfere. Hope it helps.

Thanks, that certainly an improvement in what we are using. Do you know the brand name of the PPE? I'll do a Google search, too.
The Harness's are made by R.I.T. and the lanyards were custom made for us by Sterling Rope.
Just a little more info on our P.P.E. Our turnout gear used to be Globe, but last year the bid was awarded to Sperian. Guys were much happier with the Globe gear as it pertains to the harness. The pockets on the pants were lower down on the leg and also deeper so you could actually use them. Some guys would put the lanyard in their bunker pants pocket so if it was needed they could pull it right out and use it. Our Sperian gear has very shallow pockets that are too high up on the leg and thus get in the way of the harness (or vice versa). It forces the wearer to make a decision, harness or tools in my pocket? The pockets on the coat are even smaller than the pants pockets, which takes that option away. Don't even get me going on the suspenders!! Good luck.
Don't even get me going on the suspenders!!

I think you're right Chris, the spearian suspenders is a discussion topic itself.

-We have several of the tower belts in the bucket of the platform to be used by personnel when they get in the bucket. As you stated the tower belt tends to be cumbersome and awkward.
-Some of the permanently assigned members use the Gemtor Harness, that they are already wearing for personal escape, as the method of securing themselves to the tower. This is dependent upon the individual since my department doesn't issue the Gemtor. Anyone of us that have it have purchased it ourselves.
-The gemtor harness has an attachment to the front that is designed for just such a need as attaching to the tower.
-Seems to be a better, more efficient and safer way to secure oneself to the tower.
Sorry I'm late to the discussion but I've been reassigned to our Ladder Co. at work. We have the (for a lack of a better word) regular ladder belts. They are a pain in the tail. I'm also interested in something different and I've looked at the Gemtor Harness. I'll more than likely be buying my own harness and paying for any additions to my gear myself. Does anybody recommend any other harnesses?

Thanks from a New Truckie (man that's hard to swallow)



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