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We are fairly familiar with the elevators in our jurisdiction and today my Ladder company found something a little unusual.
All of the hydraulic elevator rooms I have ever seen have been either on the 1st floor near the shaft or in the basement near the shaft. This is also what I have been taught by tradesman and experienced firemen. Top floor or roof mounted elevator rooms have been for cable elevators. Today we found a roof mounted hydraulic passenger elevator control room on the roof of a 3 story commercial building when we could not locate the elevator room on the 1st floor or basement/parking garage.
This is also a rare manufacturer in this region. It is a "GMV" out of Italy. Ontario, Canada is the only North American importer for this elevator and equipment/parts. The manual hydraulic dump valve in the control room was unique as well and it included shutting off a ball valve after the dump valve had been activated to lower the elevator to the desired floor. I believe it's a hydraulic safety of some sort. I'm curious if anyone else has seen this type/manufacturer of elevators in their area before and any experiences with training or incidents involving them. It wasn't earth shattering that's for sure, just a little interesting.
FYI - This elevator was in the city of Mill Creek, within Snohomish County, Washington.


Chad Berg
Ladder co. 72
Snohomish County, WA

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Anybody out there?

I haven't seen it yet BUT I will keep my eye out. Thanks for the info.
Hi Chad; Sorry for the delay, but I've dropped the ball about getting to the page for a while. As for Hydro machine rooms, they are usually in a room on the first floor or the basement. That is a standard location, but if the installer needs a "strange" location, then he seeks a variance from the local AHJ who handles elevators. I have found them on the 2nd floor of a 3 story rise hydro, so the roof doesn't surprise me, even though it is infrequent. It does not matter where it is originally from, as all elevators must be installed according to ASME A 17.1 Safety Code for New Elevators. That is the code for all of North America. And yes Chad, I am out there. Sorry for the delay. By the way, Julie has left PennWell for another job. I miss her , as she was our book contact person.

Chad Berg said:
Anybody out there?


How does the hydraulic system operate the elevator if above the elevator? do the lines get run differently?
Hi Barry; It is still just a pump that imparts pressure to the hydraulic fluid, causing the piston inside the cylinder to be pushed up, or released down by removing the pressure in a controlled action. If this is a Roped Hydro, this concept gives a 2 to 1 differential. A 20 foot piston , with a Roped addition, would get a 40 foot lift.

Thanks for the information and it's very informative. Have you heard of that elevator manufacture before?
Chad Berg said:

Thanks for the information and it's very informative. Have you heard of that elevator manufacture before?
Good Morning Chad;
GMV is a world-wide company, but they are not in the US yet. The Canadian company is probably doing their work here. As long as they meet the ASME A 17.1 Safety Code, and your local or state AHJ's approve it, there would be no problem. Speak with an elelvator person that you know, and they can fill you in. Stay safe. John


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