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How often do you and the guys train on the Emergency Response Guide?

Why or Why not?

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I agree
I agree as well but the problem I run into is now I'm the go-to guy if something is needed. Its unfortunate but it is the way things work right now.
Keep plugging away! You CAN make a difference, just don't give up borther! I am so glad that we have guys like you in the fire service. Todd McKee
Brent- Your speaking for me is not out of line I am more than happy to help in any way as you know. My web page is and you can reach me through there or is my email. either way.
Brent don't be spending my money though lol Keep it up bro!
That much huh
If we take a look at the HazMat Group called HazMAt Training and News we have a great discussion on Bio D Labs. Lets do a little training with the ERG and Look up some of the chemicals that have been listed. Do it a crew while on duty! This is one way we can get guys to train on the ERG!
Feel free to pass any drills you have done! Todd McKee
Why don't guys take time to read the ERG?
What are the changes to the 2008 ERG? I ask this to get guys to read it!
Sorry I have been out for a while. Got hurt at 4 alarm taxpayer and tore my shoulder up pretty good. Boston does do drills but they only do it with the "Hazmat" or "technical rescue" companies. The problem is those companies take time to get to your location. They do not get very many incidents in their response area. We go for a fuel leak and find out a oil truck just pumped 1500 gallons of heating fuel into some ones basment or it blew our of the vent and is all over the street. Our cure all is Spedi Dry until the "special" companies get their.

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