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How often do you and the guys train on the Emergency Response Guide?

Why or Why not?

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That is Great Scott!

I love to hear about how guys are pro-active with the ERG! It is amazing how much we could use tis book and we don't.

Remember, be SAFE & TRAIN as training will sve LIVES- TODD
Like I said before, not to knock officers but they don't want to make it a big deal. Then the chief has to show up, police hazmat officer and the chance of it being upgraded to a bigger incident. Too much "knowing already" and not enough reading. The guide if pretty much firefighter proof. Its their for a reason.
Hey Todd,

My company trains annually on haz-mat refresher and ops as a company sog and we use the guide in the training ops. We also have a guide that is chemical specific. We train with leaking drums and containers and teams are required to determine the hazard as well as deconing the suits and equipment used. It's a different part of what we do but keeps us on our toes in our disciplines. Its training that is important with the amount of chemicals that are transported through our community. Our haz-mat TEC always says, if the driver runs by you, you should follow him.

STAY SAFE !!! Dennis
Another good idea is to look chemicals up on Cameo. They have a website. You can look up any chemical plus also combinations to look up reactivities. This is important for multiple truck or train accidents. I also look up chemicals in the ERG while I am driving then when at the computer I look them up on Cameo to see there health hazards and to get a response idea in my head. ERG is good for immediate but I like knowing more about what I'm facing. I live in an area where there are many refineries and chemical plants. When there is a chemical spill, release or fire reported on the media I look up the chemical(s) on Cameo for hazard information.
Melissa, I wish firefighters were more like YOU! I would love som guys/gals just pick up the book once in a while, and then when can push for cameo. I am so glad we got folks like you keep in touch, feel free to take a look at my web page at Todd
Dennis- I love the saying lol !
What do you guys think about having the NIOSH book right beside the ERG in the truck?
Excellent Brent, Now you need to get him doing some search and rescue. What a feeling you must have being in the Fire Service and then getting to teach your son.
We review the ERG once a year during one of our 4 hazmat drills. Its a brief overview of the book since we all remember that horrible 3 hr class on during HMO. I typically make it about 10-15 min discussion on all the different parts of the book then about 10-15 min open discussion.
Excellent sounds like you guys/gals really get into the ERG!
Try to put this in the firehouse bathrooms or in the day room. Do you feel that once a year for 10 or 15 mins is enough? Todd
Getting them to look at it is the first step. Hopefully it will peak their intrest enough that they will realize there is a lot more out there than home heating fuel. Also that alot of the more common placards do carry unknown dangers. Its hard for us because we are not a hazmat company. I know it should be everyones job to recognize the dangers but like I said" the older guys and offiicers know already" but that mentality has to go.

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