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As an officer in an all volunteer company, serving approximately 10,000 residents, with mixed occupancies, what structures do you feel should definitely have pre-plans completed?  As many of us know, the only true way to gain access to a residential unit is to have an incident there or be invited by the resident, however, this usually does not happen.  I am looking to prepare a list of structures within my first due as well as within the town to complete pre-plans on in order to compile a database of some type in order to place these pre-plans on the apparatus computers for officers or incident commanders to use. 

Also, as a second question, what are some of your target hazards you have identified in your own locals which may either be a target hazard within your own locals, or something we often miss when creating such lists, as well as any additional target hazards which are common to all areas.

Any help is greatly appreciated with this endeavor.

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Our department is made up of volunteers also that serve around 12,000. We found that we need to break our businesses up into "high priority" targets and attack one by one.

Coals mines with explosives, gas stations, large businesses, gun and ammo, ect.

It's working so far.

Good luck.


I would consider everything that is not a SFD a target hazard for various reasons. Also, since most of your working fires are in SFD & OMD, I suggest you start with your OMDs. As you said, you won't be able to get in to the SFD's, but you can get a pretty good idea of the layout of most of your SFD's from the outside.

After completing the OMDs, I would consider doing your non-sprinklered industrial occupancies, and then your smaller non-sprinklered commercial occupancies (ie.. service garages, taxpayer stores). Beyond that, I would consider doing doing the larger sprinklered buildings and working your way down to the smaller sprinklered buildings. 

Hope this helps.


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