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Many say that your company will be judged on your ability to recover at a significant incident. Hose Racks, although often used for stand-pipe operations, can be a life saver when needed to extend a line, no matter the environment (high-rise or not). What does your department have in-place for "hose racks"? What uses have you had? What do you carry in the "racks" (spanners, nozzles, etc.)?

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On our engine at work we have 1--50' bundle of 1 3/4" and 2--50' bundles of 2 1/2" on top of the rig.  As for what we would consider "our rack" we have 100' of 1 3/4" with an Akron Turbojet Fog (break apart) nozzle in a cleveland bundle attached to our 3" dead load with a gated wye.  We consider this load as our "inaccessible area hose load/apartment load". 

I'm a big fan of what you refer to as "hose racks" recently I have made a push to stop looking at the high rise pack as just for high rise and making it a multi-purpose hose load that can be used for stand pipe ops, leader lines, verticle stretchs, hose extension etc. etc. Basicly all I've done is have a side by side load comprised of 50' cleveland style and 50' minuteman style 1 3/4". It is able to meet the needs of several different tactics and stratagize. I tried to post pictures of it to illustrate what I'm talking aobut but not sure how too. I'm holding it in my profile picture. always looking for a way to make a hose load better.we are also implementing a seperate "hose rack" kit. nothing out of this world just the basics, in-line PSI gauge, wrenches, wedges, adapters, just the norm.


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