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How do you handle digital photos? Do you place the original memory card in the file or do you transfer the photos to CD or DVD? And have you had any problems with doing it the way you do it?

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We transfer our pictures from the memory card onto CD and place the CD with our case file. We have a portable CD burner that I tried to use at a fire but found that the battery was dead so we just transfer them at our desks. We have enough memory cards so we dont have an issue with one of us having the memory card and someone else having the camera.
Our company used to use the disc digital cameras with non rewriteable discs. These discs were placed in a file at our office. We switched to SLR cameras about a year ago and our IT department developed a database that our entire file goes to. We download our photos from the SD card to the database. Access to the files is limited to the investigators assigned to the file, managers, and our Asst. VP. We can export the photos from the database so others can observe or copy the photos, but the originals cannot be altered once they are in the database. It is a good system and we have been very happy with it so far.
This year, our department change all equipment of digital photos for investigator. Now we will use Nikon D40 camera with SD card, our IT department as developed a secure database, with secure backup, and where all picture file was in secure store and limited access.
We used the Guidelines for the use of Imaging Technologies in the Criminal Justice System from SWGIT (Scientific Working Group on Imaging Technology) to build procedure for Department. All digital image was capture in double file: one is *.jpeg and the double is *.nef (Nikon Electronic File). The second file (*.nef) was create at the same time when you take picture. But this file (*.nef) cannot be altered. The *.nef file is like the film negative in 35 mm.


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