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I have a question about the Cairns leather helmets.  It is my understanding that the n5a (New Yorker) is only osha compliant and the n6a (Sam Houston) is the nfpa compliant.  Now I have heard some differing opinions such as newer n5a's are compliant and many different things about both helmets.  All the New Yorkers I have looked up all seem to have bourkes only, and the Sam Houston's can have bourkes or the snow plow shield or googles or such combination.  I own an n5a New Yorker and my New Yorker came brand new from cairns with the snow plow shield.  It didn't come with bourkes, has no holes in the brim for bourkes, I did not drill holes to add the shield, it came brand new from the factory with no bourkes and a face shield.  I did add a pair of ESS goggles.  My question is, because the helmet came with NFPA approved eye protection, does this have any impact on making the helmet NFPA compliant?

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The N5A's can only be OSHA compliant due to the impact cap from my understanding.  The Houston has a different impact cap which will make it NFPA only with the faceshield or goggles "ATTACHED FROM THE FACTORY".  I have been through this issue of "NFPA" helmets with two different departments.  Also know this, if you have a helmet that is OSHA compliant from the factory you cannot add a set of goggles to it to make it "NFPA".  The manufacturer has to install the eye protection to make it the high and mighty NFPA version.  I hope this helps.

Larry is correct

Thanks everyone, this has been a big help

-Just remember, the goggles were never designed or intended to be worn on the helmet at all times. That's the reason for the "quick connection" on the helmet mounting post.

-They can and do melt and burn. They also collect debris that can get in your eyes.

-Goggles are supposed to be carried in your pocket. 

-Personally I'm not a fan of the goggles. My leather NY'er is equipped with Bourkes.

Michael--Tell that to my Chiefs and Officers.  I need to find that in writing to show them.  Although I work for a great Capt. who wears a NY'er also and doesn't care that my Houston is only OSHA.

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