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Just took position of two new 2010 Pierce Arrow XT last month "TAK suspension". Since we put them in service we have been experiencing a continuos problem with what I would describe "front end floating". The steering feels tight always wether it's low or high speed but it feels like your driving on Bias tires. When the apparatus is below 35mph, we don't notice / experience any problems of "front end float" but speeds exceeding 45mph we begin to experience the vehicle drifting and continues correcting of the steering. Our department was previously use to Spartan chassis and this is out first experience with a not only Pierce but the TAK front end. When looking at the steering mechanism, it is an elaborate contraption different from standard steering unit. Has anyone experienced the same problem ?

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Chris, We've had great luck and superior service from our regional Pierce dealer/service center. I would recommend that you start there. If you aren't satified with their performance or answers I would take your issue to a higher authority at Pierce. I know that they will take care of you! Let me know and I'll get a name and a number for you at their hq in Appleton.

Thanks Neil. We were just about ready to contact the dealer and begin the process. Us drivers at work were just scratching are heads and thought we would ask around first before adding it to our list of items in need of fixing. We have been very pleased with the unit and much impressed but this has got all us boggled. Thanks again though and I'll give are rep. a call Monday. Chris
You're very welcome Chris. Let me know how it works out for you guys. I'm very impressed with the many safety features that Pierce offers that no other manufacturer seems to offer. Are you in the U.S. or Canada? What part of the country are you in. Neil
In the U.S. just above Seattle approx. one half hour. We service 55 square miles and 60,000 people. Your correct with the many safety features. That sold us but also the engineering and thought behind everything. What stood out to me and many of the other drivers was the engineering behind many items like the pump plumbing was spec for low friction loss, a vehicle were items were welded on and stuff could be removed for maintenance or other items if work is needed. Many of the dealers we were looking at had good things about them but nothing in a package that presented itself in a whole like Pierce. E-Ones have had to many electrical problems (past experience), H&W - local dealer out here had to many warranty issue, etc.
Nice part of the country. Similar population to us here in Breckenridge, CO. We cover 142 sm, 15k to 60k population due to being a resort town. We've had similar issues with our E-Ones and our regional dealer/service center pulled out several years ago, therefore the closest is 500 miles away in Utah. Pierce seems to have their act together and they have a new regional service center near Denver and mobile mechanics who can travel to our 9k elevation and extreme winter climate, instead of our traveling to Denver. We just took delivery of a new 100' platform/quint. The 2k gpm rated capacity Hale pump pumped well over 2k gpm for over three hours during our acceptance test at 9k elevation! Needless to say, we're very happy so far. Take care my Brother. Let me know if you're planning a trip down this way. Neil

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