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What would you do at this point?

What would you do at this point?

There is a lot already taking place here.  A hose crew is at the door or inside.  A guy is taking out a window or something to that effect on the D side.  And someone is on a ladder.

There is some nasty smoke pushing out of this structure.  It definitely is under pressure.

Time is running out for keeping this in check and an interior attack.  We’ve all been here and we know how this can go.

At this point in the fire, what ventilation tactic would you use and why?

If you need to, redirect these crews and put them where you think they will make the most progress and explain your actions.

Share with your crew and post your discussion points.  We always get great feedback and we know you have some goo ideas, so, let’s hear them.

Stay safe and be careful.  Get yourself healthy and stay healthy.

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The time for plan B,orC has come in my opinion. If a crew is inside, get them out! Everyone needs to regroup on this one. Just from this snapshot, the Alpha side looks ready to light off. If you were going to try and vent, work from a tower or a ladder truck, to pop the top on that house. Get the Brother off that ladder and the ladder away from the front.Get some big lines ready to go to work and more manpower would be nice! That's a quick start for you Bro!

Be Safe
Not to just reiterate what Jeff has said but I agree from the looks of the smoke conditions wont be long before this one flashes. Hope that someone would be pulling crews including the firefighter on the ladder asap. After this thing flashes we may have an exposure problem on the Delta side. Survivability appears to be a non existant so any search is out now if not earlier in the event already. I imagine that it did not look like this a few minutes before, stressing the importance of someone paying close attention to changing smoke and fire conditions from the exterior. Ventilation may still be a priority depending on the integrity of the roof. Hard to tell from a still photo but that is what I see.

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