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Well, its been one year since I have reported for duty and I am now GETTING real bored. Feeling better but it might be time to start thinking about getting involved in got something for me.

bobby g retired....used to be

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Pass on what you know and help make them as good as you were! Vollies need love too.
Yeah, Bobby G I have some things for you. Please call me.
Well now that you got lots of free time and you have settled in to your new lifestyle, you can be hanging out here teaching us younguns a thing or two when you're not out being a professional recreationalist (one who is retired or is rich enough not to have to work). I'm sure Chief Halton can give you a few ideas. Also I started a group for those who have over twenty years in the fire service called "YE OLDE FIRE BRIGADE" feel free to tell us some stories there or anywhere on here to pass it on!

Your comment of "getting board" made me reflect on my first year. It does get expensive to have alot of free time. It has been nearly seven years since I first reported for duty in my department. I have one suggestion for you.....GET INVOLVED IN THE FIRE SERVICE! Dont get me wrong, being a fireman is being involved, but if you are passionate about our profession and not just here for the stickers and time off, then get involved. Become a master of your craft. I remember getting through my first year thinking I was damn good at my job, now what? Once I realized that I wasn't all that, I began to get involved. The resources available today are amazing, from magazines and books to the internet, the information stream is endless. Go to some outside training, learn not only the history of your Fire dept., but learn the history of The Fire Service. I could go on and on. Read Pride and Ownership from Chief Lasky. You being here asking questions about what to do is a huge step in the right direction, and says alot about you wanting to grow. I encourage you to look int the FOOLS. If you would like me to elaborate on any of these topics feel free to send me a message.

OOOPs. I was just gently nudged to read your profile by a brother. I'm a bit embarrased by my comment, but they can still somewhat apply. Share that vast knowledge and experience. Teach some outside classes, post your company's history here for us to learn about. You are a wealth of information that all of us can learn from. Your experience gives your knowledge credibility that you have earned, so spread it around. I don't know you, but I want to here what you have to say. I'm sure there are some unique and difficult situations that you have seen in your career that we all could learn from. Again, my bad about the previous post. Still feel free to contact me, I would love to hear fire stories and pretty much anything about your career.

Congrats on a well deserved retirement,

No problem Jeff. I actually got a good laugh from your first post. What I was and am hoping for is one of the big guns, who do the hands on stuff, to let me just tag along and let me share the few things I picked up during my almost 30 years. I am by no means an expert, none of us are, but I have been lucy enough to learn at the feet of some of the best. I am jealous of your youth, if I still had mine I would do it all over again. BUT this is a young mans game.
Tag along with Mark and Jimmy. If they aren't busy enough, which they always seem to be, get a hold of Tricarico he is always trying to get out and about too. If those ideas don't work for you, or you want even more, give me a call I still have two other ideas for you.

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