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Our department is about to receive it's first CAFS engine. We are going to burn a when the truck arrives to get use to the truck ( we are going to train for 30 days with the truck first). Has anyone used a CAFS engine on a training fire? How hard is it to re-lite the fire? What are the disadvantages using this with a training fire? thank you Todd

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Congrats Todd!
You are going to love that thing. Bad news; if you hit class A with CAFS, it will NEVER relite. Bad for live burn training, good for response to class A fires. No rekindle. :-)

Send me your training plan when you are done with it. I'd like to see it.
Have you recieved your CAFS truck yet?
Todd, who made your pump, hale, waterous, etc.? Dominci Colletti from Hale and his Son, who runs the CAFS institure are a great source of info on this topic.
I went on medical as soon as we got it so not full go at this time!

Dave Roe said:
Have you recieved your CAFS truck yet?
Thats too bad. We have had a snuffer truck for 5 years. We had the opportunity to do some live fire training when we recieved the unit. Very unique way in attacking the fire and preventing flashover. The only problem we have with our unit is the hose! It is very fragile, I cant remember the name off the top of my head, but it is rigid and NFPA rated. The hose burns through very easily, and due to the pressure will rupture if it begins to burn through (learned that lesson at a wildland fire thanks to some cow patties.) Also moving around the fireground I had the hose come apart behind me. They recomend having the first 50' as kink free hose - other than that I think you can use regular double jacket hose. We have rigid hose on reels.
Excellent to use as a defensive unit - foam walls, and roofs. It does take a lot to get an area to ignite if it has been foamed.
We have had our Cafs for 6 year and before that we had been testing and Training with units for another 6.
We have Done at least a dozen live Structural training burns with Cafs
Lots of Dry Hay and Pallets This is a recent 21/2 training last run of the day
we preload areas and after a run you have to restock a room. with a little work you can conduct a training with very few problems .

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