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Looking for some opinions on circular vent saw blades. Specifically the Warthog vs the Chopper. Aside from price, what is your experience?

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When purchasing blades for rotary saws, you need to consider the saw that will be running the blade. Many blades require certain RPM's to perform efficiently, as well as the considerations for the diameter of the blade and arbor. I have used the Warthog blade on Partner K950's and feel that it performed well on plywood sheathing and asphalt shingles, however was not impressed on old roofs comprised of 1x's. At full throttle, 5500 RPM's, it seems to bind more often than it should. The price tag for the Warthog is pretty high too. I have never used the Chopper, and therefore can't comment on it's efficiency. I am a fan of using the CBT-24 blade that Fire Hooks Unlimited sells, it performs very well and is affordable. There are 24 cabide tipped teeth and it cuts through residential roofs very well and is also very good for removing "build up" on commercial roofs. Hope this helps a little....stay safe!
Thanks Patrick,

I just Googled the CBT 24 and it looks very similar to the blade I was thinking about. (24T vs 12T Chopper).

I've found that the warthog is the blade to have for most jobs. As I'm sure you know, there is not any blade out there for every job.
SystiMatic® makes a blade we are using cheap and cuts like mad for many applications. Even when the tips are knocked off it was much faster than other blades. By far the best all around multi use blade. And very inexpensive. Ill get more info on it here including comparison times in cutting various things.
The fire hooks unlimited blade (either 24 or 30 tooth) works very well. The warthog is actually a little too aggressive.It binds and trys to "run away" from the operator.Also very expensive,the firehooks blade is only around 80$ .

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