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Do any of the departments that you guys belong to have a saving our own/ Self Rescue training that talks about advanced rescue techniques? I'm looking for things like ladder bails, nance drills, denver drills, etc...

I'm trying to talk the cheifs into letting me put on an advanced RIT training all day on a saturday (I know, I know, my saturdays are valuable too!)... They seem to think that people won't want to come to it if it's longer than 2 hours. My viewpoint is that we have a lot of new folks (1/3 of our department has less than 3 years experience) and we need this information passed on. I see a huge gap in knowledge in this very important subject. Am I overreacting? Asking too much?


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Brother, you do not want me to hear that "two hour" stuff.
I just had a Friday night, all day Saturday and Sunday 'till 3pm training with a bunch of hard chargin' vollies. We were doing burn trailer, RIT, car fires, wildland, size up, IC and self rescue until the cows came home. I mean we were no kidding working in a cow field! Sunday it was snowing.

Tell the nay sayers that you care about their wives and kids more than they do, that should get a rise out of them.

Things like ladder bail out takes extream caution to train for. Like SCBA confined space, it gives confedence, but unlike blackout drills, you can get people hurt. Have a care and good luck trying to get everyone up to speed.
Larry - It's good to see that I'm not the only person that feels we as a profession need to be ready for anything...
-JJ, I'm happy to hear that your department is looking at self rescue. It is an absolutely essential skill set that all firefighters must have; no exceptions.
-My department does teach this in basic training and through annual department wide, mandatory refreshers. Unfortunately, the basic class is 16 hours and the refresher is 8 hours.
-My advise would be to contact Jim McCormack at FDTN, the Fire Dept Training Network in Indianapolis for training as well as train the trainer courses. Jim does an excellent job with this topic and his training is very the best available.

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